Friday, July 31, 2015

Keukenhof Tulips

WARNING: an absurd amount of floral pictures ahead.

Only a short couple weeks after our England vacation we packed up, once again, and headed over to the Netherlands.  We could not go through our European experience without making the trip to Keukenhof during tulip season.  We left early on Friday morning and drove straight to Keukenhof, a very touristy park where they charge admission for people from all over the world to come admire their endless gardens.  Despite being overcrowded, it really was amazing.  The gardens were simply breathtaking.  They didn't quite have the fields of tulips that I was expecting (we found those outside of the park), but they had vast arrays of manicured gardens to walk through.  It was a beautiful, sunny  day, and our little family really enjoyed walking through.

Poor Sawyer.  He was so proud to show us that he had put his head into the arms of this statue, only to realize minutes later that he couldn't get it back out!!!  It was a stressful 3 or 4 minutes of trying to maneuver his head back out (with tourists all around us observing our scene!).  Sawyer was a little traumatized by the experience, and still won't look at pictures of it 3 months later.  Hopefully a lesson was learned :)

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