Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Lovin'

I can hardly believe it's already July. Time is flying. I figured rather than a long narration of what we've been up to (and since not much has changed since the last post)...I'd provide a long list of pictures with captions! And just so you know...our new family picture in the heading of our blog is only temporary (whew...). I mentioned to Nathan that we didn't have a family picture that I liked of all three of us yet and he went to work with his photoshop skills. Nice job, honey. I will say it is actually pretty funny.

Kristie and Jake came to visit for two weeks! We had a blast together. We missed you, Wesley!

Jake and Sawyer doing 'knuckles' together. Jake loves that game. Sawyer's still indifferent.
On the 4th we went to this place where there are water fountains coming out of the ground. Jake and David were in Heaven. Sawyer was forced to enjoy a little of the action. (Notice that Nathan's idea of fourth of July attire is camo...typical).
Feeding Sawyer at the fountains. I promise there was no one around. Look at my wonderful husband providing us with some shade.
Sawyer's 4th of July shirt..."Born in the USA". I think he was mistaking my cheek for something else...haha.
The fam at Carl's ice cream
With Sawyer at Lake Ana
We pretty much hung out in his little blow-up cabana the whole time. I love this thing.
Alright so we were matching one Sunday and I had to take a picture. Sawyer's first 'play group' you can see he had a blast.

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