Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can you guess what we're having?!

We were lucky enough to go in for an early ultrasound at our beloved Dr. Judd's office in Provo last week.  I was about 95% sure it would be a girl.  I think my entire family was about that sure we were having a girl as well.  In fact, I'm pretty sure my mom had already bought a couple of girl items.  But as you can see, we were definitely wrong!  There's no doubt about it...our little baby is a boy!  Nathan was very proud.  :)  I'm super excited.  Being with my nephew Jake all week is making me even more excited for a little boy.  And it'll be so fun to have Jake and our boy so close in age!  So now the fun begins.  Picking a name, buying boys stuff...I'm so excited to start!  I was totally set with girl names so now I've got a little bit of a challenge ahead of me...especially since Nathan and I seem to be butting heads on the name issue.  Oh well...I guess we've still got 5 more months to figure it out.  

As for other news...we've been having a blast here in Utah since last Wednesday.  Nathan's sister Erin got married on Friday so we had a fun and busy few days with his family...and now we're just chillin with my family at Kristie's house.  I'm already getting weepy when I think about leaving on Friday!  It's so great to be with family!  I'll post some pictures of the wedding and such as soon as I get my hands on some!    

Sunday, November 9, 2008


So the other day I opened our storage closet (ignore the mess) only to find this...

I asked Nathan why there were stacks of Oh's cereal boxes piled in the closet. He responded with, "I'm just building up our food storage". So that's that. If the world comes to an end and anyone is hungry, we'll have plenty of Oh's. Thank you Nathan.

And here is me trying to show off my baby bump. Not much to brag about yet, but I figured it's about time I start documenting. This morning getting ready for church I realized I won't be able to wear a large majority of my skirts anymore...it took me a while to find one that fit right! Here we go...

For some reason this slight change in angle makes me look a lot bigger. Whatever. It is what it is :).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Picnics in November?

I've been feeling a lot better about life since the temperature dropped below 90. I can leave my windows wide open during the day and even go running outside now! Seriously people...I'm so excited about it. The only thing better at this point would be a little snow to help me feel truly christmasy... But don't worry...despite the sunshine and 80 degree weather, I have begun to play the Christmas tunes. I decided if I waited for the weather to feel right I would miss my chance...so here we go...Christmas is in the air! Tonight I decided that Nathan and I needed to go on a picnic for dinner. I made stuffed peppers and grabbed a bottle of sparkling cider to celebrate the change in seasons. We walked over to this pond by a park down the road and put down the jeans blanket. It was nearly dark by the time we actually got there but we had a great time...we even got a little chilly!

The last week of October we had a lot of fun with Nathan's family. They were all in town for his nephew Carter's baptism. And then Ashley and her kids stayed for Halloween as well. I was so excited to finally participate in some fall activities with all the kids. I drove over to Mesa one day to go to the pumpkin patch with everyone. Let me tell you, the pumpkin patch at 95 degrees is not my idea of fun. I don't think the kids enjoyed it either. They were all running around beet red in the face, sweaty, and grumpy by the time we left. I didn't blame them. Brooke and I agreed that our favorite activity that week was sitting in the shade by Uncle Glen's pool while the kids played happily in the water. Nothing to do with fall...but let's face it...it's hard to do traditional fall when you're sweating to death. Oh well...we had fun nonetheless. I had to work on Halloween but Nathan went trick-or-treating with the kids and had a good time. We were happy to spend some time with family. Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me all week so no pictures....sorry.

One last thing. Two weeks from today I will be back in Utah! I seriously can't wait! It's all I think about anymore. The first exciting thing on the agenda will be finding out the gender of our little baby...that is if Baby Larson is willing to share. I will only be a little over 16 weeks so it's a bit on the early side but we're keeping our fingers crossed. Next fun event will be Erin's wedding. I love weddings. And then we have the premiere of Twilight. Who knows when we'll actually get tickets but we will definitely be seeing it sometime that week. And then it's a relaxing 5 days with my family at Kristie's house for Thanksgiving! I can hardly wait to see some snow and make yummy food and listen to Christmas music and play with Jake. Can't wait. That's all. Thanks for reading :).