Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keeping Up

So I just wanted to post a few random pictures and try and keep somewhat on top of things. We've been doing well. Nathan is loving the 2nd year of Dental School--so far it's about a million times easier than last year and he actually has time for us when he gets home every night! Amazing! We're pretty excited about it. I'm keeping busy trying to get our house in order still. It's funny how quickly I go from being home all day and not having much to do, to piling my days full with different projects and commitments! I must be my mother's daughter. But I love it! I don't think I could ever be bored. We also celebrated my 25th birthday the other day! It was a great day. We went to breakfast at Einstein's and got bagels...my favorite! Then we worked on our talks for Sunday (ok so that wasn't super fun)...and then Nathan and I went to dinner at Red Robin and just had a fun night out together while Isac and Jen so kindly watched Sawyer for us. It was so nice to just go out on a date together! And when we got home, Isac had put together our crib for me that just came in the mail right before we left (and I didn't know it had arrived)! I'm so excited! I'll post pictures once I get it all settled in there. Also, Nathan made me a really cool birthday present but we had to leave it in Vegas cause it didn't fit in our little car. So rather than explain what it is I'll just post pictures when his parents bring it down. So that's about it for now. We are loving life and praying for the weather to start cooling down! ;)
Just hangin out on his tummy. It's his favorite thing to do after I lay him down and turn around. It must be a race in his mind to see how fast he can flip over so that when mom turns around again...tada! We love it.

So the kid has a purple bumbo...what can I say? We love hand-me-downs and appreciate them so much! But man, that Bumbo sure does wear him out!
We went to Vegas for Labor Day weekend and Nate helped his dad work on their backyard. Lookin good boys.
Bathtime with daddy.