Sunday, July 15, 2018

Brooks 9 months


First off, kiddo, I love you so much!  Even though I haven't written an update on your life since birth.  Unfortunately, as the fourth baby, mom just doesn't have the time to blog like she used to!  But that hasn't stopped us all from loving on you like crazy whenever we can!  You are still such a great baby. Honestly, until about 6 months, you were an angel.  And since then, you've still been so happy and so cuddly.  You are getting into that wiggly-gotta be moving and grabbing things all the time phase.  Makes life a little harder, but its a natural part of growing up and we are loving cheering you on! You went on a trip to Rome with me and dad for our 10 year anniversary (you were 7 1/2 months).  While there, you cut your first tooth!  A couple weeks later, the next one came through.  We are now anxiously awaiting the top 4 teeth that seem as if they will arrive any day.

You are a pro at sitting (which none of your siblings really ever mastered before crawling/walking).  And the army crawl is becoming more and more efficient.  My favorite thing is your maneuver for getting from your tummy, then stretching your bum up into a pike, and finally pushing back into a sitting position.  Its pretty funny and awesome to watch!

Eating is becoming more and more of an adventure.  One of your favorites is the german baby cereal (brei)...if i'm being honest, it's one of my favorites too!  So yummy!  It comes in different flavors like cookie, straciatella, fruit.  And you will eat pretty much anything else I offer you. Although you are not so sure about 'chunks' yet.  I've tried giving you pieces of banana and you aren't quite ready for that yet.  You've almost got the pincer grasp down, but not well enough to eat a tray full of puffs very effectively.

Sleep.  I feel bad that most days we are running around so much, you don't seem to get much of a routine going.  When we are home, we do pretty well with two naps.  When out and about, short car naps seem to be sufficient.  We busted out the big boy car seat the other day because we decided that the whole point of the infant car seat was to be able to transfer you around if you were sleeping, and you never stayed asleep anymore!  My one complaint is that you still wake up 2-3 times every night wanting to eat.  And since you have refused to take a binky (despite moms best efforts!), I'm not quite sure how to get you to go back to sleep other than feeding you.  I don't love to let you cry it out, because you are sharing a room with your sister, Isla, and I don't want her waking up.  So we just snuggle up and let you nurse whenever you wake up.  Definitely spoiled! :)

As far as needing the food at night--you definitely don't!  You are a healthy boy with enough chub to last you at least a week! Your head has been consistently measuring in the 99th percentiles, and almost everyone that meets you, comments on its size!  Because of the cyst that was seen in your fetal ultrasounds, and even though it wasn't seen after birth, we had the doctor do another ultrasound just to make sure everything was ok in there.  Developmentally you are meeting all of your milestones and seem well, so we weren't too worried.  And we were right not to worry because they didn't find anything abnormal!  And can I just say, I love your chubbiness so much!!!!  I could seriously kiss and squeeze (and bite?!) those thighs and cheeks all day long!

You love to get attention from your siblings.  And they love you!  Sawyer is constantly performing some maneuvers on you, or trying to get you to laugh.  Isla sometimes gets mad, because you like to pull her hair.  But she really loves you and is always willing to help out with diapers or just going in your room to keep you company when you wake up.  Violet is the most cautious with you, but often asks if she can hold you on her lap.  The other day, she was holding you during a basketball game and you head-butted her right in her cheekbone--gave her a nice shiner for the next week or so.  But she took it like a champ!  She also comments that she just wants to squeeze you all the time because you are so cute!  We all love you like crazy little Brooksie!

22.2 lbs (70%)
28.74 inches (59%)
19.02 inches head (99%)

Sunday, March 18, 2018

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