Friday, August 20, 2010

Growing Up

I realize that I have yet to post on our Larson Family Ranch trip this year...but all the pictures are on Nathan's computer and whenever I sit down to do it I realize it's at school with him. So in an effort to not get too far behind I'm going to go on with my regular posts and I'll be sure to go back and do the Ranch one later. Although not much has even happened since we got back from Utah, to be honest. We've just been hanging out and relaxing as much as possible while it's still 110 degrees outside (unfortunately we've still got 2-3 more months of heat to go). I took Sawyer in for his 15 month check-up a couple weeks late. He got sick the week after we got back and as a result experienced his first ear we waited until the antibiotics were finished to go back for his well-check. Either way, here are his stats...

weight: 25.6 lbs (63%)
height: 33.5 inches (97%) !!!
Head: 47.5 cm (61 %)

So there you have it...he's tall and skinny like his daddy.

Overall I have been so happy with Sawyer lately. Not that he doesn't always make me happy, but you definitely go through more trying periods here and there. I feel like one of the most difficult times for us was between 11 and 15 months. He's been mobile (and by mobile I mean, out of control!) forever already...and that combined with his lack of understanding and inability to follow directions or reason with us has made for an interesting time. But I feel like he is finally rounding a corner here. Within the past few weeks I've noticed that he's become a bit more obedient. Not that we still don't experience the temper tantrums and the independence struggles...because we do. But he's just been a little sweeter and a little happier playing on his own lately...and for that I've been so grateful. He gives the best hugs ever...and he gives them all the time! And he's obsessed with shoes right now. I can't tell you how many times a day he comes walking out of my closet with my shoes on looking so proud of himself. We haven't seen much in the way of words yet...but I can tell it's coming. Lots of babbling around here. He dances all the time! The second he hears any music, even from a commercial, he starts bobbing his head and bending his knees. He does this little 'dance walk' where he walks around all hunched over and bouncing...pretty hilarious actually. And he recently learned a new move-- 'spinning' in circles. He's just such a funny kid. We love him so much.

This was coming back from the pool one day...aren't the sunglasses awesome?! (Not to mention the tie-dye shirt that I made him at the ranch!)

These are daddy's sunglasses...just a little big.
This kid will climb into anything he can! My mom always told me I did the same thing.
We were at the local splash pad and Sawyer made a friend...I thought they were so cute together.
Two things to point out, Sawyer's cheeks get super flushed within seconds of being in the heat here....two, this was at our park at 7 PM!! Still above 100 degrees... That's just wrong.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Wedding

Sydney and Mitch are officially newlyweds. They are so cute and we couldn't be happier for them. I guess the wedding festivities kicked off with the meeting of the two families. A few day before the wedding we were able to get together with the Sherwoods for lunch one day. Aside from our seriously out of control toddlers, it was great to meet them and get to know them a bit. They are a really great family. The sealing was held in the Salt Lake Temple at 11 am on Tuesday, July 20th. It was such a wonderful sealing and so awesome to have our whole family in the temple together. After quite a few pictures in the sweltering heat the Sherwoods hosted a beautiful little luncheon for immediate family. It was held in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in the Roof restaurant. I had never been up there and it was so amazing! We did a traditional program of roasting and toasting the bride and groom and as always it was a perfect way to really get to know the other families. Thankfully, our good friends the Phelps took Jake and Sawyer during the luncheon so we were actually able to relax and enjoy ourselves! I still can't thank them enough for that! And apparently the boys did great (or at least that's what they told us!). Whew! The reception started at 6:30 pm. We held it at Le Jardin in Sandy. It's a greenhouse that's already beautifully set up so we didn't have to do a whole lot to it...but we still arrived an hour early to put our own finishing touches on everything. Table runners, vases, all turned out beautifully and we had such a great time. Syd and Mitch took off a little after 9 and went to Mexico for a relaxing week at the beach. I can't believe the last wedding in our family is over! In both our families, actually! No more weddings for me or least not immediate family. It feels good to be done but it's a little sad at the same time...I do love a good wedding. Here are all of the pictures that I had from the big day. I'm sure we'll collect more over time so maybe I'll have to post some later on.
This first picture is a little preview to the professional pics Syd's friend, Caitlin Sheffer, took that day. She did a beautiful job.

Another of Caitlin's photos, above.

This is the 'generations' of both sets of parents and grandparents on their wedding days.

I'm proud to say that I put the accents on that cake! (with some help from my aunt Marianne and cousin Janea! Thanks guys!) It came frosted and we added the details and flowers.
My Omi in Germany made hankerchiefs for everyone in the Temple. It was her way of being there when she couldn' brought tears several eyes :)

Mitch and his mom, LaReesa.
Daddy, Daughter Dance.
Of course my husband took on his usual role as MC at the reception. He did a great job, as always!

This is the only picture we have we Jerai! (and I took it from her blog!). We love you Jerai and it was so good to see you!
It was also so wonderful to finally see our good friends, the Stotts. Nathan hadn't seen Kaitlin since her baby blessing and we both think she is just the cutest thing ever! We're hoping to arrange a little marriage in the future. ;)
Sawyer trying to be helpful as we're getting ready for the reception.

It was sooooo hot while taking pictures...just trying to do a little 'sweat damage' control ;)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Times in Utah

Sawyer and I went up to Utah about a week and a half before the big event (Nate joined us a week later). That week and a half was pretty busy, to say the least. We basically spent the majority of the time running errands and getting all the last minute things together. But no matter what we were doing, it was so great to be all together with my family under one roof. And we did manage to squeeze in some fun things as well. I still have no idea where some of the pictures don't be surprised if I end up posting a few separate posts with random pictures from the trip.
This was actually the day after the wedding. We took the kiddos to the Scera pool in Orem and met up with Jerai, Boyd, Dennis & Marianne there. It was a perfect, relaxing day after the craziness!
The next couple are from Syd's little Bachelorette party a week before the wedding. We held it at PF Changs and it was super fun.

(The little party favors I made for the party. They had a couple pieces of See's Candy inside.)

Mom and the girls getting pedicures at Acaydia. (I totally recommend this place to anyone in's the Aesthetics school in the Well's Fargo Building...they were awesome!)
The day before the wedding we had a super casual lunch in a private room at the Pizza Factory with the Thelins. It was perfect for the little kids to run around in! I can't believe we never took a group picture!

Sawyer loved these breadsticks! Let's face it, we all LOVED the breadsticks!
I'm sorry that this is the best picture we got of the 4 kids...Boyd was not a happy camper. Frankly, none of them were at this's a miracle that the other 3 are looking and smiling!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Before the Vacation

Before I attempt to catch up on our vacation and all of the wedding happenings, I figured I needed to post some pictures of things that happened before the Father's Day, for one. I somehow spaced it on posting the Father's Day pictures. There are only a couple but I thought they were cute and worth putting up. Sawyer and I made Nathan a 'World's Greatest Dad' shirt and then had a couple other friends over for a little barbeque that day. We also got Nate a 'Magna Cart'...which has turned into quite the toy.

Sawyer has been going to nursery a bit here and long as one of us stays with him they are being merciful and letting us come in a few months early. This was his first craft in nursery on Father's Day...a salt dough star magnet that he got to color all by himself :).
Nate was able to meet up with us during a lunch break one day and swim for a bit.

The weekend before I left for Utah (4th of July weekend) we headed up to Vegas to visit Nate's parents. We had a great time just relaxing and hanging out. Here's my little WT son with his diaper and shoes in the backyard.
With Grandma Larson...
With Grandpa Larson...
Here's Nate helping his dad set up the powerpoint for his sunday school class...can you spot their eager little helper?