Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Before the Vacation

Before I attempt to catch up on our vacation and all of the wedding happenings, I figured I needed to post some pictures of things that happened before the vacation...like Father's Day, for one. I somehow spaced it on posting the Father's Day pictures. There are only a couple but I thought they were cute and worth putting up. Sawyer and I made Nathan a 'World's Greatest Dad' shirt and then had a couple other friends over for a little barbeque that day. We also got Nate a 'Magna Cart'...which has turned into quite the toy.

Sawyer has been going to nursery a bit here and there...as long as one of us stays with him they are being merciful and letting us come in a few months early. This was his first craft in nursery on Father's Day...a salt dough star magnet that he got to color all by himself :).
Nate was able to meet up with us during a lunch break one day and swim for a bit.

The weekend before I left for Utah (4th of July weekend) we headed up to Vegas to visit Nate's parents. We had a great time just relaxing and hanging out. Here's my little WT son with his diaper and shoes in the backyard.
With Grandma Larson...
With Grandpa Larson...
Here's Nate helping his dad set up the powerpoint for his sunday school class...can you spot their eager little helper?


Linsey said...

We need to meet somewhere one of these days for lunch! We'd love to see you!

The Thelins said...

Cute shirt Jess. Very creative. Don't you love how the simplest things become the kids' favorite "toys"? Can't wait to see lots of pictures from the trip! It was seriously so good to see you guys!