Sunday, June 1, 2014

More from May

After Isla's birthday week, we went down to Buhl for some time with our family there.  I finally made a visit to my Omi's grave.  I'd seen the actual gravestone many times, as it is the same plot where my Opi was buried in 2004.  But it was weird seeing her name on it, too.  I still can't believe that we missed her by 4 months.  :(  I'm glad they get to be together, though.  And of course I know that I will see them again one day.  :)

All three of my mom's sisters were there.  We did a little celebration for Isla's birthday.  Everyone brought cake and of course it was all super yummy!  The kids had a blast playing with Annika's little ones.  And Annika's backyard is amazing.  Perfect for kids and just so beautiful.  I love it there.

In the picture above, the girls are trying to put a doll skirt on the dogs tail :)..haha

For memorial day we had some friends over to BBQ.  This is our bakery truck that we finally discovered in our village!  She comes by a few times a week.  Most of the time we aren't home, but when we catch her everyone is so excited.

That last weekend in May our Stake had a celebration for the building's 50th anniversary.  My mom even used to travel to the same building for some of her stake youth activities!  My allergies in May and June were horrendous, so I was trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible--but truthfully I was pretty miserable most of the time.

The kids had fun playing silly games.  The one below gave us a good laugh. Something just seemed kinda odd about it!  haha...