Monday, February 22, 2010

The Big 2-8

Nathan turned 28 on February 8th. I had been trying to plan something fun all month because I feel like Nathan's birthday always gets neglected. Not only is it so soon after Christmas and in the middle of our Anniversary and Valentine's Day, but I just kinda suck at picking good gifts for him (because I know that everything he would want he would find a better deal on himself!!). So I decided to throw together a little surprise party. I'd never done one for him before and Nathan likes to surprise other people so I figured he would enjoy a good surprise. I sent evites out to friends and family and decided to throw the party in our apartment complex's clubhouse. Let me tell you, when I consult Nathan on 95% of the decisions I make on a daily basis--throwing him a surprise party was no easy task for me! But everything went as planned and with the help of several friends and family, we had a fun little evening. We had dinner and cake for everyone and even roasted a few mallows on the fire pit outside. Nathan was mostly surprised when he showed up that night..haha...he did suspect a little something but said he was still shocked at how many people there were (I figure we had about 30 people there--ish). I kind of figured that would happen...with that many people knowing about it it was bound to leak out eventually! He was very grateful and appreciated all the work that I put into it and had a blast that night! So overall I considered it a huge success. Thanks to all those who made the trek out here that night! We love you all!

I didn't take a single picture at the party! What was I thinking?! Luckily our friend Matt took quite a few and was kind enough to share them with me. :)
Nathan's face when he walked in!

And this is where he's saying, "Thanks baby you're the best wife in the whole wide world!" Haha...just kidding. He did love it though!
Candid picture of the crowd! This was one of the few pictures that had the most people on it...

Trying to fan out the candles on his huge birthday cake. Funny that me making a cake to feed 30 people didn't make him suspicious...but when I asked him if he was going golfing with Isac a few times he thought that was strange.
Random picture of Sawyer at the was way past bedtime :)

To help avoid any suspicion...I made sure that I still did other things for Nathan during the day. I hate when people throw surprise parties but neglect to give any attention to the person all day so that by the time they get to the party they are sad and depressed that no one cares about them. So before Nathan woke up that day I went to the gym as usual and then drove to Krispy Kremes and got him a dozen donuts. He also got a couple other little gifts from me. It was a fun little birthday breakfast (and by the end of the day I think Nathan had almost eaten the entire box by himself!).

On a totally unrelated note, I had to show a couple pictures of the killing I made at an AWESOME scrapbook sale. A lady in my ward was selling all of her scrapbooking supplies at an amazing I went...twice...and came home with this...for only $50!
Sawyer was not a fan of me paying attention to the scrapbooking table and taking pictures of it instead of him! It almost looks like a smile but just so we all know...he was definitely being a whiny boy..."Hey! Mom!! Down here!"

Monday, February 1, 2010

9 Months

It's hard to believe my little baby is 9 months old! Seriously, where did the time go?! He is so much fun and I feel like every month I'm saying, ok, now this is my favorite stage! I just love every minute with this kid! Milestones within the past month? He can officially now stand on his own, squat down, and then push back up...all without holding on to anything! Oh I hear footsteps soon? Maybe. He LOVES to eat--anything! But we're still nursing as well. I'm shooting for a year, but who knows...he may lose interest one of these days (either that or he'll try biting me one more time with those teeth!). He always wants to eat whatever we are eating, which is kind of hard sometimes without a full set of teeth :). Which brings us to our next achievement--we finally have 2 teeth in that little mouth! Teething has not been a fun process but I think I have still had it easier than others. We have been truly blessed. He says 'baba'...whatever that means :). And he's gained almost 2.5 pounds in a month and a half! And moving on to the negatives--he can now open cupboards. Yikes!! We really need to get those locks installed. He especially loves his 'tupperware cupboard' and his 'book cupboard'--the only ones I don't get mad at him for opening. And he loves to be chased or to play peek-a-boo. It's always a sure way to get a good laugh out of him. He's such a fun kid and I couldn't be happier doing anything else right now than hanging out with Sawyer all day. Here are his 9 month stats--
Weight 20lb 15oz (58%)
Height 28 inches (42%)
Head 44.5 cm (27%)
One of his favorite places to wreak havoc, the kitchen....mmm that pear stem sure tastes good!
Who doesn't love a nice warm pile of clean laundry?
Brooke and her family came over for Sunday dinner the other night and Hannah and Sawyer had a fabulous time in the bathtub! This is the face I generally get from Sawyer when I pull out the camera (above)...Hannah doesn't look quite as amused :).
Sawyer's favorite bath time toy? A washcloth...why do we ever buy any toys?!
I forgot to post this picture with my Christmas post. This was our little 'fort' at the airport when we were delayed worked out pretty well as we had Sawyer blocked in from nearly every angle.
The lighting is horrible in this picture and it's blurry, but the point of it is to show you what happens as a result of Sawyer's frequent 'Kamakazi' style behavior (note the line across his right cheek above, and catch a glimpse of this behavioral style in the video below)

This video is a little old but I just found it on my computer. I figured it was worth posting for memory's sake. And no, it's not a Pterodactyl, it's just Sawyer making normal everyday sounds.