Saturday, September 20, 2014


Truth be told--I'm writing this post about 7 months late.  It's hard to conjure up the same feelings I had during that week before Sawyer started school, because they were so all over the place and intense I don't think I could even make sense of them then.  There is something really strange about sending your first child off to school.  I was so excited for him to start this new adventure.  And I was so scared for him at the same time!  I had really hoped that he would get a teacher who would understand him and who would be patient with him.  Sawyer is a ball of talkative energy and there's no denying that!  I knew he was going to need someone special.  Thankfully, looking back, I think he got just what he needed.  Ms. Oswald has been great for him.  He has been doing so much better, behaviorally, than I anticipated.  And he is doing great academically, as well.  I couldn't be happier about our experience this year.  

Sawyer and I got to go to Kindergarten orientation together, without the girls to distract us.  He was so excited to see the classroom and where he would be sitting.  Afterwards, we went on a lunch date with my friend Mandy and her son, Austin, who was also starting school.  It was a fun little day.

On the first day of school Sawyer got a Zucker Tüte, which is a tradition for German children when they start school.  A cone filled with goodies! 

I just think he looked so handsome!  My cute boy!

And there's a little Sawyer personality for ya!

Definitely a little timid that first morning.  

Sawyer and Austin after their first day.

These two were excited to be reunited!

A balloon party in the car after pick-up.

Two days later I finally decided to let Sawyer start riding the bus.  He couldn't wait to try it out!  We are lucky that our bus stop is just up the hill and around the corner from us. We live about 15 minutes from Base, which is where his school is, but the bus comes at about 7:21 and gets to the school by 8.  School lets out at 2:40, bus leaves at 2:50 and he gets home at 3:30.  Makes for a rather long bus ride, but it sure beats having to drive down there twice a day!  Sawyer struggled a bit the first few months with being too rowdy on the bus.  It's so hard for him to control it when everyone gets kinda loud on there.  But things have mellowed out a bit. Although I will say that is where most of the daily school drama happens.  Some things never change, I guess... ;)