Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad to the Bone...and other thoughts

For some reason I thought I would have more time to blog when I stopped working and started being a mom. I was wrong. Things are a little more difficult when you have a little baby on your arm 80% of the day. But I definitely wouldn't trade it for anything! I am loving my new job and can't imagine doing anything else right now. Here's a summary of what's been going on this past month or so... (if you don't want to read to the end I don't blame you...but watch the video Nathan made at the bottom! )

Nathan finished up his first year of Dental School! Hooray! Finals were a nightmare for Nathan...he literally studied for a week straight all day long. Although that is not much different than what he's doing now. He has to take the first part of his Dental Board Exams in July so his full-time job this summer is just that--studying. He's gotten pretty good at holding a baby and studying and eating all at the same time. Congratulations on a great first year, Nathan! We love you and appreciate all your hard work.

Sawyer came out of his 3 1/2 week check-up weighing 9 lbs 2 oz. I haven't measured his length in a while but he seems to be growing longer each day. At about 4 wks we had to move into 3-6 month sleepers not because he was too chunky but because we realized he couldn't stretch out his legs at night. We weighed him on our home scale the other day (6 1/2 wks) and he was 12 1/2 lbs! We're very proud of our growing boy. He pretty much doesn't do anything but eat, sleep, and poop. He struggles a little with the latter but rarely resorts to crying. And he loves his pacifier. At first I was a little worried about addicting him to the thing but frankly...it does it's job. If he ever gets a little fussy we pop it in and we're good. He doesn't have to have it all the time but he loves it when he gets it. I'm ok with that.

On Friday, May 29th we had the car packed for our cross-country drive and the house just about packed up as well. At some point during our errand running at 2 in the afternoon we realized that not only were we not going to get out until the following day (we had originally planned to leave the previous Wednesday) but that the car was cramped and hot and that we REALLY did not want to drive for the next 3 days. Half jokingly Nathan and I ran upstairs to the apartment and began searching plane tickets. Within 20 minutes we had completely changed our plans and purchased tickets for the following Monday! Hah! Talk about last minute! Now that the flight is over...we couldn't be happier about our decision. Sawyer was a champ on the plane and we were so grateful!

So for the past two weeks we've been in VA with my family and I pretty much get to sit around with Sawyer all day and hang out with my mom and Sydney. Pretty sweet. We can't wait for Kristie and Jake to get here on Thursday!!! Nathan goes up into the office at 8 am and studies until around 5 pm...poor guy. We do lots of barbeque-ing and I've been able to start running again! It's so nice to have all these hands that want to help with Sawyer all the time. He really has been such an angel baby...I'm terrified for my next child because this is too good to be true. Either that or we're in for some terrible toddler years! But for now I'm going to be grateful and enjoy it! He's starting to do the social smiling thing every now and then and it's so much fun!

I can already see this summer is going to fly by super fast. I hope you all are enjoying your summers as much as I am! We love you!

Syd took some family pictures for us the other day. Sawyer was a little sleepy but we did get a few cute ones. We'll have to try again another day. :)

We went to the temple the other day and Syd stayed outside with Sawyer...it was so weird to leave him for those 2 hours but he did great! I just love the DC temple!

Sawyer showing you how strong his neck is...
Alright so Nathan has been determined to put together a 'birth video' of Sawyer's big debut...and now that he's had a little more time it's finally here! (And while his sister Ashley gave him the idea when she posted her own daughter's birth video, which i loved--Feelin' Thelin, in case you want to follow the link on my blog--ours has got a little different feel to it...all I can say is...typical Nathan.)