Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our First Month with 3

Alright, time to stay on top of things with this blog.  With 3 kiddos around, I can already see life is just going to keep getting busier.  Honestly, my first month as a mom of three has gone super smoothly.  But I know it's still the calm before the storm :).  Isla has been pretty much non-existent, haha.  She mostly slept for the first three weeks of her life.  Just this past week she has started to come out of her slumber, though.  And now that I've had to start paying more attention to her while at home or especially while running errands, I'm getting a little nervous!  I am sure things are just going to keep getting crazier around here--not to mention our overseas move is coming up soon! 

Like I said, Isla has been super great so far.  She's been really mellow and she goes right back to sleep after eating at night so I can't complain.  Although, my other kids were really mellow babies and then around 6 months they seem to go no guarantees here!  Sawyer has LOVED having Isla around.  Just as he was with Violet, he tends to love a little TOO intensely.  I find myself having to keep an eye on him more than I thought I would.  Violet has surprised me big time.  I thought she would have a really hard time with a new baby.  I fully expected her to be jealous and upset.  But she is totally fine!  She barely even cares that Isla is here.  Occasionally she acknowledges her and is very sweet and gentle about it.  I'm so happy with the way she's reacting to it all.

Stats for May 29 2013: 6 lb 15 oz

We left the hospital on Tuesday mid-morning, so because we didn't stay the full 48 hrs they had us come back on Wednesday for a weight-check.  She was a little less than they wanted so we went back again on Friday.  My milk had come in by then so we were doing much better and she was back up in weight.  This recovery for me has been a MILLION times better than either of the other two.  The first time was by far the worst.  It was an awful experience, actually.  The second time around was much better, but still sore and slow-going for a couple weeks.  This time around I was ready to roll by day 3!!  The worst part was dealing with milk coming in, etc.  But I've learned how to handle that a little bit better now as well.  All in all, I have felt amazing.  I've been tired, obviously, due to not sleeping much at night.  But it's more of a sleepy tired, not a physically exhausted tired like when I was pregnant.  So much easier to deal with!

I don't think Isla moved much from this spot on the couch for the first couple weeks!  It was between there and my bedroom.  Gotta love a sleepy baby!
My first time in the car with all 3 kids!!!  It was so weird to look back and see 3 carseats!

A couple weeks after Isla was born, Nathan took Sawyer on the Father & Sons' campout with our church.  They had a blast!  

While Sawyer and Daddy were gone camping, the girls and I went for a jog outside

Sawyer's Preschool Graduation was on my original due date, May 23rd.  He looked so cute in his cap and gown, and he did pretty well up there during the program.  Towards the end he started to lose patience and began terrorizing the poor boy sitting next to him, lol.  The teachers recognized each child with something special about them.  They said that they were sure Sawyer would grow up to be an engineer because he was really good at building, putting things together, figuring out how things work...sounds a lot like someone else I know ;)

The kid would not stop eating his donut to get a picture with his teachers...  
(Mrs. Patricia & Mrs. Naomi)

And the teachers put together an awesome scrapbook for each kid with all of the things they had done during the year.  I am so happy to have such a great keepsake!

It makes me laugh how often I find Sawyer just chillin with his legs crossed
Silly girl modeling a crazy headband at Target!...and yes, we bought the headband
We signed Sawyer up for a little baseball league on base.  We missed quite a few of the practices but it was fun anyways! They mostly just had stations where they taught all the kids the different skills.  This picture was taken at his only scrimmage...Daddy coaching Sawyer at first base :)

For Memorial Day weekend we had lots of company!  Kristie and her family were driving through on their way to Utah, so they stayed overnight.  And Erin & Beckham, and Brooke and her 3 girls came into town as well!  On Friday we went to Lake Mead to play with the jet skis.  Even Isla and I went along, although we pretty much sat in the sun shade the entire time.  Violet was so excited to get on the jet skis!  She would ride around on those things all day if she could.  Sawyer didn't want to ride at first, but changed his mind a couple hours into it and decided to go for a ride with grandma.  It was a fun outing for all of us.

On Monday night we went to eat at Chipotle with Erin and then went to a park to try out Grandpa's new slack line.  MUCH harder than it looks!

Kristie holding Isla when they came through excited to meet that little boy in that belly!
Happy reunion for the cousins!
10 days later, Kristie and her family came back through town on their way home.  We hit up a favorite restaurant of ours, Metro Pizza and then grabbed some shave ice on our way home.  It was a fun night.  Poor Mia was really sick with a cold and ear infection, though.  They ended up having to take off at 4 am because no one was sleeping anyways :(

I feel like every time Isla opens her eyes she looks so surprised!  Probably a little nervous about the crazy family she agreed to come to!

Violet has been going through a 'not wanting to stay in her room to sleep' phase.  We've found her out in the hallway several times, in Sawyer's bed once, and to my horror, in the bassinet with Isla once!!!  That last one seriously scared me to death.  We had put all the kids to bed and were downstairs watching tv.  When we went to bed I looked down at Isla to see Violet snuggled up next to her with a huge blanket!!  AHHHH!!  I think I had nightmares about what could have happened and said multiple prayers thanking Heavenly Father for protecting Isla.  We are now taking more serious precautions!

Sawyer was not happy about this come 4 am.  Both kids woke up crying with a vengeance!  Sawyer was crying because  Violet was bothering him and Violet was crying because he was kicking her out!  

Nate and I went to the movies the other night and brought Isla along.  The noise-canceling headphones seemed to do the trick!  She slept peacefully through the noise of Iron Man 3.  The picture on the right is at church at 3 wks.  Nate was totally getting some little smirks out of this girl!  So excited for the full-on smiles!
Violet was trying to put her clothes back on by herself.  Inside out and upside down.
Funky hair day and streaking in the sprinklers!

Going through a carwash--pure excitement and terror all at the same time!
Last weekend Nate needed to go to the Apple Store downtown.  So we all went along for a little day of shopping (if that's possible with 3 small kids).  Sawyer was pretty excited about his nutritious lunch at the mall...

Right at home in the Apple Store ;)
Being a good big sister and helping with the binky
We have to get Isla's passport for our upcoming move.  We tried taking a picture at the passport office but it turned out horribly because we had to try and hold her up against a wall without our hands showing.  So we did them at home much better when you can lay them down on a white surface and take it from above!  Cute little Isla...