Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nate's Random Contributions

*Nathan wrote this blog entry back when we had our 20 wk Ultrasound...we never posted it but I just read it again and it made me laugh. Better late than never, right?

"When I first looked at the picture of our baby I thought…Oh…great we are having Satan’s Baby. But then as I looked a little closer I was relieved and realized that it was not Satan’s baby but just Skeletor from He-Man, and I can deal with that. With the next picture I was almost equally aghast because he looks like a creepy alien. Jessica prefers to call him jack the pumpkin king. I guess that just shows what we watched growing up. So at the end of the ultra sound we had two incredibly scary pictures and one just normal picture. Overall I would say a success."

(Let's just pray we have some cuter pictures for you when he gets here!)

The next item that Nathan would like to share with you all is a little clip from a video that he helped is sister, Andrea, make for her friend's bridal shower. I enjoyed it quite a bit, actually. Don't worry sweetie...we won't judge you for knowing the words so well. We may just have to call you Troy Bolton, though. :)

And last but not least, I'd like to share with you all what I came home to after work one morning. We all remember the "Oh's" in the closet, right? Well it seems Nathan's idea of food storage is getting a little out of hand.

More Baby Showers!

Well it's been another month. February came and went so quickly! I spent the month either out of town or working. After my wonderful trip home to VA, Nathan and I got to spend a fun but short weekend in Utah. We drove up with his sister Andrea and her boyfriend, Paul. It was nice to have some extra company on the drive. I will say, however, that a 10 hour drive is not easy on a pregnant body. That'll probably be the last before this little guy comes. The main reason for our visit to Utah was so that Kristie, Jerai, and Sydney could throw me another baby shower! They were so great to do so and it turned out amazing! Thanks for doing that for me you guys! It was so fun for me to be able to see so many of my good friends in Utah. While I was up there, Syd was nice enough to shoot a few maternity pictures for me. I know the belly still has a lot of room to grow (which it already has in the 3 wks since then)...but it was the only time I was going to have Syd around to take them! They turned out great! Thanks Syd! So now it's just back to the grind. I'll admit I have taken on the characteristics of a little bird these past couple weeks. One might call it "nesting". All the baby clothes are washed and folded, and we now have our stroller (which I love!) and a car seat occupying much of the space in our small apartment. Just a few more odds and ends and I'd say we're ready for action! I'm 33.2 weeks today and getting very anxious to meet the little guy (who will most likely remain nameless until after his arrival). Until then, I guess I'll just have to work hard and try and enjoy the 90 degree weather that Arizona has had to offer lately. I will say that the pool has been looking mighty tempting these past couple weeks. I've already spent a little time there and believe me...there will be more. Now if only Costco would start selling watermelons already!