Thursday, October 29, 2009

Six Months

Sawyer is 6 months old today! Wow...time really does fly. I can't even believe it. He is doing so well and we love him so much. He's had a couple 'firsts' at six months. His first real cold. Poor guy...he's hanging in there but I feel so bad for him with his runny, crusty little nose. Also, his first real cold day. We took a picture to capture the first 'cold day' outing.
Other things to blog about: We had our little sister get together in Vegas this past weekend. The drive went well, although Sawyer didn't love his new car seat as much as I'd hoped. We concluded he just doesn't like to be strapped in, no matter the seat. I guess we'll have to deal with it. We got up there Friday night and spent the evening highlighting and cutting my hair (thanks Kristie!). It's a little perk that I get every time I see her! Jake was coming down with a cold and by Saturday, he was not a happy camper. But, nevertheless, we paraded on in true Schindler fashion! Nathan stayed home to help his dad work on the backyard and we went to the forum shops at Caesar's palace and then to the Miracle Mile Mall. Yup, we basically spent the day shopping. It's what we do best! And we had fun....despite the cranky toddler and having to nurse Sawyer periodically in public restrooms (never a fun experience). That night we had planned on going out to dinner and then watching a movie, but dinner was vetoed by Jake and we settled for Chipotle, carry-out. I was ok with that, I love Chipotle. And then by the time we got the kids to bed, we were so wiped out we all fell asleep within the first minute of the movie. Ha! Maybe next time we'll leave the kids with daddy!

Sunday morning, Kristie and Sydney decided to hit the road, due to Jake's worsening cold, and temper :). We had planned on doing some family photos that afternoon but that didn't happen. We managed to squeeze some in the half hour before church but thanks to the wind, non-smiling kids, and lack of time we didn't come out with much. Once I get those organized I'll post a few.

So it was a semi-stressful trip...but totally worth it! I love any chance to get together with my sisters! We just wish mom could have joined us that day!

Jake and Sawyer love cruising in Kristie's double stroller together! I love this thing!

At the start of our shopping trip.
We took this picture for Nathan. He likes this movie. Or the preview, I should say. We haven't seen it yet.

As my mom put it, you can see why the urgency to go home.

The end of the day. Jake asleep with a blanket over his face, Sawyer struggling to get out of my arms. We survived.
I don't know what's more entertaining, Nathan's sound effects or Sawyer's laughing. Please ignore me looking like a grandma and trying to get food out of my teeth. I wasn't aware I was in the video and had just eaten something sticky.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

He's On His Way...

That's right folks. I'm going to go ahead and predict that Sawyer will be making his rounds around the house in no time. He's been doing the caterpillar crawl for a few weeks now. You know, where he pushes his bum up in the air and uses his arms and legs to kind of inch along. Basically, you literally picture a caterpillar crawling along the ground and that's Sawyer. And he gets surprisingly far doing this little maneuver. But within the past couple days he's figured out how to pop up on all fours and sort of rock forward. He forgets to move his hands in front of him at that point which results in a rather comical face plant. But he's so close! I think I'm excited about it. Everyone says that's when it gets hard because then they can move around and get into things. But he gets so frustrated when he can't move from where he's laying that I think it will make him happier to be more mobile. We'll see I guess. He's also doing well with the sitting thing. Although after about 3 seconds he usually topples to one side or another.

There are probably a million things I should have blogged about in the last month, but I can't think of anything now. That's what you get for waiting, I guess. We're doing well. Sawyer is developing more and more of a personality by the day. We started trying some rice cereal around 5 months and it constipated him to death. So we switched to oat and that seems to do the trick. He actually likes it now despite what you see on the rice cereal video, which I will post below. I have a feeling he's going to love the veggies. We have also just upgraded Sawyer to a rear-facing convertible car seat. He just HATED his infant carrier so it was time... And I'm just waiting for those first teeth to come through as he is constantly gnawing on anything and everything he can get his hands on! Including his feet and my nose. He has also recently learned how to cough and how to make spitting sounds with his lips...both of which he seems to think are pretty fun. Another funny little habit, he loves to slap anything in front of him. Yup. Put something in front of him and it either goes in the mouth or he begins slapping the object repeatedly. I'm sure these are all just totally normal baby things but Nathan and I get a kick out of it either way.

Nathan has been doing well in school and is starting to feel more like he's going to be a real dentist one day. Lots more clinical and lab stuff this year, much less book stuff. He's got so much more time this year it's just amazing. We are loving it. I am keeping myself super busy with endless projects and activities, as well as everyday mom & wife responsibilities. Planning halloween parties, enrichment activities, book club, bunko night, decorating various parts of the apartment (mostly Sawyer's room which is almost done...I'm excited to post pictures)...the list goes on. It's a crazy life but I wouldn't have it any other way. I also started working again. I'm only doing 3 shifts every 4 weeks so it's not bad at all. Generally a Friday or a Saturday night where Nathan is home for Sawyer while I'm gone and sleeping the next day. It's the perfect amount for me and that little bit helps us out a lot! I'm doing better with the whole 'lack of seasons' thing here this year. I decided that as long as my house smells like pumpkins and cinnamon and there are festivities going on, I can deal.

We're going to Vegas again this weekend to meet up with Kristie and Sydney and Jake so I'm super excited for that! I'll let you know how it goes!

Sawyer trying very hard to move around. He's almost got the crawl down!

He's pretty much doing the same exact thing in every picture but it's all I've taken the last month! I seriously need to improve on my photography skills.
Below is me and Jen learning how to can tomatoes! Fun stuff!
I have to comment on his cheeks. Every now and then they just get bright red! Like this was last night for a couple hours and today they're totally fine. I think it's a teething thing? Has anyone else's kids had that?