Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Missing Fall

Kind of a blast from the past...Kristie and I at the pumpkin patch...love those memories.

So we finally made it to Arizona. Hooray. We had planned on living with Nate's family until we could find a house to buy, but with family being at least 30-40 min away from the school and all...things just got too stressful for us and we weren't ready to buy. Sooo...we signed a 3-month lease on an apartment right next to the school so that we'd have time to get our heads on straight and make good decisions. I think it was a smart move. And now we're gonna need a lot of incentive to actually want to move again. We're loving being right by the school and, let's face it, moving stinks. So who knows...we may just extend that 3-month contract.

Nathan sacrificed his precious studying time to get us moved in the first weekend in September. The following weekend he, again, gave up that time to help us buy some furniture...a new couch, a dining room table, and a dresser! It felt so great to have something other than boxes to sit on! We feel very comfortable in our new little home, which is actually quite a lot bigger than Union Square was. Honestly, I don't know of an apartment that's not bigger than Union Square. Our new place has 2 bedrooms AND 2 bathrooms...we're livin' large, folks. Nathan has been doing pretty well in school so far, despite having to constantly be there for poor little me. He does a great job at juggling school and family. I'm so grateful for all that he is doing for our family...I would not want to be back in school for another 4 years, but he's such a good sport about it.

Our new dining room table...it barely fits in our dining room!
Our new sectional! It's super comfy. (We're still working on the wall space...turns out our big mirror doesn't look so big anymore compared to the couch)

Another bit of news, I got a job! Not sure if I should have exclamation marked that last sentence! As much as it'll be a good thing for me to work and actually be productive (I know our bank account will appreciate it)...I love being home. I love finding things to do at home and just being a good wife. And I'm a little nervous about this new job. I do feel like it's the closest that I'll get to finding a hospital like Orem or AF. It has a good reputation and I felt good about it. The other hospital I got offered a position at, however,...I left the interview in tears because it just was so far from being Orem that I just didn't want to work L&D anymore!! Haha...oh dear. I'm glad Nathan puts up with me. So I start my job on the 29th. I've got a few more days to be lazy...which is good. I've really enjoyed this past few weeks of not working. I could definitely get used to it. :)

Nathan's got a great group of friends in his dental class and their wives are all great too! They've always got stuff going on for me to join in on. I'm in a book club! Something I never thought I would be in...and it's fun so far. Pretty much an excuse to get together with a bunch of girls and talk and eat junk food. It helps to already have that friend network, because I'm not gonna lie, I've been pretty homesick. Homesick for all my family and friends that I left in Provo, homesick for my mom & dad, homesick for Orem, and homesick for SEASONS! It's a cruel world that doesn't allow the climate to blend into 4 distinct times of the year! It depresses me when I see the weather channel map and Phoenix is ALWAYS the hottest city in the States, by far! I am just such a holidays & seasons girl...I thrive on that change every 3-4 months. So right now as I'm thirsting to pull out the sweaters, make the pumpkin food, light the candles, watch the leaves change, and celebrate everything Fall...I find myself avoiding the outdoors and sweating to death in shorts and a t-shirt. Blah. Not my idea of fall. So that's pretty much the deciding factor for me...when Nathan's 4 years are up...we're outta here :). I know so many people love Arizona...but it's not for me. Granted, I've only been here 3 weeks. I know, I know...I'm going to try and be more positive and look for the wonderful things about this place. They say it actually starts cooling down around January :).