Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hot Dog, Anyone?

So we're walking into Walmart the other day and what do we see? None other than the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile! Nathan was pretty excited. I will admit that it is pretty entertaining. We even got to go inside the Wiener Mobile! They had a little game where we had to throw a ball into buckets that were three different distances away from you...each bucket had a prize in it. I only made it into the first I got a wiener whistle. Nathan made it into the second and hit the rim of the third! He won a wiener keychain that played the Oscar Mayer theme song. We spent the next hour in walmart listening to all the little kids play their wiener whistles (including Nathan). Oh the simple joys of life!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


For as long as Nathan can remember (ok maybe just since high school), he has wanted two things: a snowboard and a season pass. This year, both dreams came true. Thanks to Intermountain Healthcare (the company we both work for), he got a pretty sweet deal on a Season Pass to Sundance. Since December, he's been able to hit the slopes about once a week...and he's loving it. I refused to join him until temperatures rose above 35 degrees. I finally did go with him a few weeks ago (it was about 50 degrees outside that day!). I've only been skiing about twice in my life, and each time I think I am more terrified than the last. While it did take us about 40 minutes to get down the first run, I warmed up a little and became pretty comfortable by the end of the 3 hours. That's right...three hours. That's enough for me. I told Nathan that the money I spent for my ticket and rentals was worth it to me as long as I was having fun. Once I stopped having fun, I was done. So three hours later we were on our way back down from the mountain. It was a fun day. I'll admit I did enjoy the experience more than I thought I would. Nathan was grateful that I finally came with him, and he hasn't asked me since to come along. My once-a-year obligatory ski trip is now complete, and I'm relieved. :) A couple weeks later Nathan took my sister, Sydney, with him. Let's just say she's a bit more adventurous than I am and they had a blast. Syd got some pretty great shots of Nathan flying through the air. I will say that he has impressed me with his snowboarding skills...he's gotten pretty good at it this year. Good thing we're moving to Arizona for the next four years and he'll get plenty of opportunities to continue practicing! Bye-bye snow...bye-bye snowboarding. Sorry Sweetie. Nathan took Syd snowboarding...
My one and only appearance on the slopes this season...