Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sawyer is 6

Dear Sawyer,

What a year!!  Officially done with Kindergarten, and overall, it was a fantastic experience.  Sure, you got bored and tired and complained about having to go at times, but who doesn't?!  Your behavior in school (the part we were most worried about) was pretty dang good.  Especially considering the struggles that we have had with sitting still and not talking too much. We had some bad days here and there--but mostly you made a huge effort to do well, and we were so proud.  At the end of the year, your teacher, Ms. Oswald, gave you the Nutrageous Award, for your nutty personality!  You continue to make others laugh and people enjoy being around you.  Academically, you did so wonderfully.  We are grateful that reading, spelling, and math seem to come pretty easily to you.  And of course, your favorite--art.  On numerous occasions I discovered a doodle on the back of a worksheet that just made my day!  Very detailed and always funny.  Daddy and I have been amazed at your reading ability.  It seems that about 3 months before the end of the year, reading just clicked for you.  I am always shocked to hear you read different things throughout the day (including my text messages between friends or family, haha).  We even got you into a book series called the Dragon Masters.  I can't tell you how cute it is to see you cuddled up on the couch with a book.  We are excited to see what kind of growth the First Grade will bring.  

You tried your hand at several new sports this year--soccer, basketball, and t-ball.  Honestly, sports don't seem to be quite your thing yet.  You may still be too young, and I'm sure the lack of example from older siblings holds you back a bit, but we will see.  The good thing is, you are never afraid to try and when I ask if you want to sign up for the next sport--your answer is always yes.  I guess for now we will just expect a little 'plane watching' and horseplay to be part of the experience.  This next year, Daddy is coaching your soccer team, so we will see how that works out as well.  

About midway through this year we started reading the Harry Potter series to you and Violet.  That combined with the movies (after reading the book) has kindled a great love in your hearts--much to my approval :).  We even got to visit Harry Potter Studios in London over Spring Break.  A highlight for all of us!  So, suffice it to say, we had a Harry Potter Birthday for you and we are dressing up as Harry Potter for Halloween as well.  I am perfectly fine with any amount of HP love in our home.  

Sawyer you continue to be a wonderful older brother to your sisters.  They love you so much and they look forward to having you home from school every afternoon.  There is a little more bickering between you and Violet these days, but it's not overwhelming.  Most of the time you play really well together.  We traveled back to the States in August to visit all of our family there while Daddy went to SOS in Alabama.  We took a military Space A flight out there, and it took about 5 days of planning/attempting to finally catch a plane.  During that time (daddy was already gone), you were my big boy.  I discussed plans with you, asked your opinions, and relied on you to help with your sisters.  Especially during the actual traveling experience, you were super helpful.  You all did wonderfully on that crazy adventure, and I was so grateful.  

Electronics are still your weakness.  You would play the Wii or the iPad all day long if you could.  We have to be really careful to limit your time.  Thankfully, school and sports don't allow for much of that anyways.  This year we are working on developing good habits at home--helping around the house and fulfilling our responsibilities here in a consistent manner.  You do very well with structure--but it's up to mommy to provide that.  We are all working on it together, and I think we are going to make some improvements this year.  

We've also been discussing ways that we can help you to behave better in Primary and school.  We had a conversation about strengths and weaknesses the other day.  We recognized your many strengths (academics, humor, fun, art).  We also noted that we all have weaknesses.  Sawyer, you know that it is harder for you to sit still and pay attention in class than it is for other kids.  But you also understand that it just means you have to try harder to accomplish those goals.  Just like some kids have to try harder to learn how to read.  We agreed that you would continue to make the extra effort.  A little positive reinforcement goes a long way with you.  We hope this will become less and less of a struggle as the year goes on.  

We love you so very much, Sawyer.  I can't tell you how grateful I am to have you as my oldest.  You have an innate desire to do what's right, and you have a kind heart.  Those are two things that I value most in a person.  Thank you for bringing joy and light-heartedness into our family.  We love you!!!


Weight  50.9 lbs (77%)
Height 48 in (90%)
BMI 15.5 (54%)