Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Drumroll please...Building 101

As mentioned in my previous post, Nathan and I took on our first building project while in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. We had been looking everywhere for a twin bed, black distressed, with storage underneath and for a decent price. Some friends of ours introduced us to a fabulous website (www.ana-white.com) that basically teaches you how to build all kinds of amazing furniture for super cheap. We are now totally converted to building everything on our own unless we happen to find an awesome deal elsewhere! It was so much fun just to hang out with Nathan for a few days and build this bed together. And we really were able to work on everything together! I learned a ton about building and I can't wait for our next project! (Now we just need a garage!) Here are some pictures of our adventure.
Just starting out...I was the designated 'measurer' and Nathan handled the Miter Saw.
Putting the basic framework together
Adding the trim...
Towards the end of painting we decided to build the head board to go along with it...originally we were just going to do the base. So it was back to Lowe's for some more wood! Isn't my hubby a stud?! :)
The headboard was actually super quick and easy...so glad we decided to do it!
Sorry about the horrible glare on the paint. Nate's parents couldn't figure out why we sanded the paint off the edges! It was pretty funny. We like the 'distressed' look...must be a generational thing.
And here are the final pictures in the room...we're still working on converting Sawyer's room from all boy to half boy/half girl...so I will be sure to post some pictures of the whole room when I get that done.

Sawyer LOVES his new bed. And I LOVE it too! It brings me joy every time I put him down...makes DIY projects totally worth it!

Monday, March 14, 2011

33 & 35 Wk Belly Pics

I am quickly (more quickly than I'm ready for!) approaching the final days of this pregnancy. It's seriously crazy how much faster the time flies the second time around! We've been keeping ourselves plenty busy around here. Between finishing up some baby projects, cleaning the house, trying to do fun things with Sawyer, working a shift here and there, church callings, and attempting to maintain some sort of an exercise routine, I'm finding there is not a lot of time left for rest or relaxation. But we are enjoying ourselves all the while and we are all excited and a little nervous for the upcoming arrival of this little girl! We spent the first week of March in Las Vegas with Nathan's parents during Nate's spring break. It was a wonderful time and Julianne watched Sawyer for us everyday so that Nathan and I could build a twin bed for Sawyer. That's right! We built a bed! We are pretty excited about it and have just barely gotten it into his room. The next post will have a run down of that little project--so look forward to pictures of Sawyer's big boy bed!
Here's the baby bump at 33 wks while in Las Vegas
And here I am at just over 35 wks after church yesterday...

Baby Girl is actually measuring a bit small so we had an ultrasound last week and it was fun to catch another glimpse of her before the big day. We've got another one scheduled in a couple weeks just to make sure she's keeping up with her growth...I'm not too worried, however, because Sawyer did the same thing and still ended up weighing 7 lb 15 oz! I'm sure she's just about ready for her little growth spurt here in the next couple weeks!