Sunday, December 6, 2009

On Your Mark, Get Set, Crawl!

I entered Sawyer in his first race! The Huggies Diaper Dash. It was held at Babies R Us on Saturday. The race was supposed to consist of 5 sets of 5 competitors (ages 7-12 months). But I guess they had a low turn-out and only ended up racing 2 sets of 5. Sawyer won 2nd Place in his group! The baby who beat him to the finish was an 11 month old. So he did pretty well, I thought, considering he was not far behind and only learned to crawl within the past month. The funniest part about the whole thing was not that the babies couldn't's that theywouldn't crawl with all those parents staring and cheering them on. Way too much stimulation for one little baby! Haha! Sawyer's excellent performance won us a free package of diapers! As far as I'm concerned, the race was well worth it. And definitely entertaining!

My only regret is that with Nathan at the finish line and me at the start, we weren't able to get a video of the whole race...and our pictures were not the greatest either. But you get the idea!
Sawyer practicing before the big event! :) We enticed him with a very desirable toy--the cell phone...
We decided the 'Santa's Helper' sleeper was his most agile outfit.
Hangin' out with his competitors.
Here's the crawling mat. It was set-up pretty cute. Everyone had a good time. I think the girls working at Babies R US and running the event thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm Sinking!

The other night we were deflating the air mattress in Sawyer's room and we thought he might enjoy going for a little ride! The first video is him having a great time on the mattress and the second is when we started deflating it. We thought it was pretty funny.