Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm Sinking!

The other night we were deflating the air mattress in Sawyer's room and we thought he might enjoy going for a little ride! The first video is him having a great time on the mattress and the second is when we started deflating it. We thought it was pretty funny.
video video


Kristie said...

o he is so cute!!!!! i love him! yeah he is really tough--jake used to cry when we deflated things with that loud sucker thingy...most things scared him actually.

Tracy and Odie said...

so cute!!! seeing your little boy makes me seriously so excited for ours.

are you guys going to be in VA during christmas?

Meghan and Tyler said...

K, Jess, i had a dream about you guys last night. Weird I Know. But we were all on a cruise, and you guys met us at dinner after taking a 6 hour nap! These are the things I can gleen from this dream 1) I am majorly sleep deprived and a 6 hour nap sounds heavenly, 2) We miss you guys 3) When are we going on a cruise?

Anyway, loved the videos. I can't believe how big Sawyer is getting. And his facial expressions are awesome. Let us know when you'd like to meet us for a curise...of course the Hursts would have to come because I'm pretty sure they were in the dream too,and we'd have a blast, and we could all party like it was 1985. Love you!

Isac and Jen Simpson said...

THese are so funny! Way cute videooes :)

Kristie said...

ooo ooo yes i wanna do a cruise! good plan.