Thursday, July 8, 2010

Got a Toothache?

Midwestern University Dental Students are now officially accepting patients! (Well technically they have been for a couple weeks now!). I finally went over to the clinic with Sawyer during lunch today to take a peek at where Nathan spends his days. I was very impressed with the facility! And here is the Dentist, himself...
Not quite sure you want him to do your root canal yet? Me either...haha. But in all honesty I know he's doing a fantastic job and he's loving it! He actually did his first root canal yesterday and everyone came out of it alive! Hooray!
The school gave each student their own box of business cards...pretty snazzy, eh?
Here he is goofing off with his partner, Eric. Watch out Eric!
Don't worry...Eric got him back. Here they are a few days before clinic opened practicing local anesthesia on each other! Yikes! (I'll take practicing IV's over shots in the mouth any day!)
And here's daddy & Sawyer after a lunch break at the pool. Look how flushed Sawyer gets in this heat!
We're so proud of you, Nathan! You are going to be the best dentist ever! Thanks for all your hard work. We're so glad that you love what you do!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

When you give a kid a straw...

These next few pictures have nothing to do with the title, obviously. But I just thought my little guy looked so handsome at church the other day! To find out what happens when you give a kid a straw...refer to the video at the end of this post. (ok I'm having trouble posting my anyone else having these issues? Any suggestions? Hopefully I'll get it up soon!)

I feel as though a quick update is due, as well. The month of June came and went faster than Sawyer can empty every cabinet in our house (and that's pretty dang fast!). This little munchkin below is becoming quite the handful. The truth is, I can barely keep up with him and I don't have a clue how people do this with more than one. And on top of the complete and utter mischievous personality that is Sawyer, we've added a layer of sheer determination and independence to the mix. As I carried him kicking and screaming out of a store the other day, I couldn't help but feel that I had a 2 yr old on my hands already. And as I sat at the dinner table covered in ravioli, I found myself being completely ok with him eating nothing but watermelon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (I guess it could be worse, right?). Yet aside from the chaos, I can't keep myself from smooching those cheeks till they're red and cuddling that adorable little thing till he can't stand me anymore. There is no where that I would rather be than at home with this little stinker :). I love him so much and I treasure the moments of motherhood that leave me sticky, sweaty, and altogether exhausted. And there is nothing better than those slobbery, open-mouth kisses!

No words yet, other than 'dada' and 'deesh' (which I think means, 'this'). But he's got the sign for 'more' down (although it pretty much means anything and everything that he wants at that moment...which doesn't really get us very far). And he occasionally surprises me with what he understands. The other day as I quietly said to myself, "Where is momma's phone?"...I noticed him running over to his toys, scanning the pile, picking up my phone, and walking it over to me. I was shocked! So you do understand me?! How 'bout we start understanding the word 'no' too!? :) Haha...but that's life, I guess. I think my dad used to call it, 'selective hearing'.

So that's an update on Sawyer, for the most part. He's as cute and full of life as ever! As for us, we're staying busy. We're in Vegas right now visiting Nate's parents for the holiday weekend. I'll post later about our visit. In a week I fly to Utah and the wedding festivities begin! Hooray! I'm soooo excited! Until next time...