Thursday, July 8, 2010

Got a Toothache?

Midwestern University Dental Students are now officially accepting patients! (Well technically they have been for a couple weeks now!). I finally went over to the clinic with Sawyer during lunch today to take a peek at where Nathan spends his days. I was very impressed with the facility! And here is the Dentist, himself...
Not quite sure you want him to do your root canal yet? Me either...haha. But in all honesty I know he's doing a fantastic job and he's loving it! He actually did his first root canal yesterday and everyone came out of it alive! Hooray!
The school gave each student their own box of business cards...pretty snazzy, eh?
Here he is goofing off with his partner, Eric. Watch out Eric!
Don't worry...Eric got him back. Here they are a few days before clinic opened practicing local anesthesia on each other! Yikes! (I'll take practicing IV's over shots in the mouth any day!)
And here's daddy & Sawyer after a lunch break at the pool. Look how flushed Sawyer gets in this heat!
We're so proud of you, Nathan! You are going to be the best dentist ever! Thanks for all your hard work. We're so glad that you love what you do!


The Thelins said...

AWESOME!!! I would totally trust Nathan to do Jade's root canal. :) He looks so professional with his scrubs, with a "patient"/partner, and especially with a business card! I'm so glad school seems to be going great for him. Such a great post.

Meghan and Tyler said...

I don't know...I wouldn't want to test IV's or oral shots!!! Nate, you are going to be the best dentist ever. However, I seriously hope I never need a Root Canal.

Jerai Moulton said...

Way to go Nate! And I'm with you Jess, I would rather get 20 IV's than get one shot in my mouth! No offense Nate, I'm probably just weak sauce when it comes to my mouth! Can't wait to see you guys very soon! Good luck traveling with Sawyer!

joven said...
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joven said...
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joven said...
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Bobby said...

Wow! The office looks nice and comfy to me. I am sure he will be a very good dentist. Speaking of dentists, a good friend of mine has been officially certified Maryville, TN dentist. We are so proud of him, too.

I have met many dentists (Maryville, TN based) from years of going back and forth to dental clinics and I must say, they all treated me very nicely.

By the way, your kid is a good looking boy. More power to you and your family. Congrats to your husband!

Sabine Schindler said...

Well... I better finally leave a comment on this post as well. It's been a while since I even checked anything on the internet. :o)
I'm proud of you, Nathan! You will make not only a great dentist, but a fun one as well. Any kid will love to come to you!
It was fun seeing you all!!