Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oma, the Super Nanny!!

Nathan's family has been planning a trip to Havasupai for the past year or so. We had to make reservations way ahead of time and decided that September would be a good month to do it...not smack dab in the middle of the summer but not too cold yet either. As August came around we realized we had a couple of issues to deal with. For one, I would be about 10 weeks pregnant on the hike. I wasn't so worried about the physical side of it, other than carrying a heavy pack. But I was pretty nervous that I would feel sick the entire time. I decided it was a once in a lifetime experience and I would deal with it, whatever happened. We also made the decision to let a donkey take my pack in and out of the canyon for me and I just carried a day pack instead. The second issue was what to do with Sawyer while we were gone (3 nights). I knew that I could always leave him with Brooke, but I just felt bad doing that. Brooke was 5 months pregnant at the time and already had her hands full with her other 4 kids. One day while looking online I found an amazing deal on tickets from Virginia and decided, who better than to stay with Sawyer for 3 days than my mom!!! She was pretty excited to come and I felt so relieved and comfortable having her here with him. They had a great time together and I don't think Sawyer even noticed we were gone until we got back! Here are PLENTY of pictures to show from their time together.

When my mom flew in, we stopped at my favorite grocery store, Sprouts, on our way home. Sawyer decided to start munching on a raw piece of corn. He pretty much ate the whole thing by the time we got home! (for the record, I tasted it too and I've never had a sweeter piece of raw corn in my life!)

My mom was even brave enough to go on little outings with Sawyer every day!

Nathan and I thought this one was pretty funny. "Goodbye, cruel world."
Sawyer took a nice little picture of his feet for us.

Jen and Isac stopped by one day while my mom was here. He just loves Tyler!

I think she got him a new little toy everyday too! He was pretty much in heaven.

When we got home we all went out to Westgate to watch the water show and get frozen yogurt.

And we made sure to stop by the outlets the day before she left.

Thanks again, mom, for flying out here to stay with Sawyer! He loves you so much and we were so comfortable knowing you were with him.