Monday, February 1, 2010

9 Months

It's hard to believe my little baby is 9 months old! Seriously, where did the time go?! He is so much fun and I feel like every month I'm saying, ok, now this is my favorite stage! I just love every minute with this kid! Milestones within the past month? He can officially now stand on his own, squat down, and then push back up...all without holding on to anything! Oh I hear footsteps soon? Maybe. He LOVES to eat--anything! But we're still nursing as well. I'm shooting for a year, but who knows...he may lose interest one of these days (either that or he'll try biting me one more time with those teeth!). He always wants to eat whatever we are eating, which is kind of hard sometimes without a full set of teeth :). Which brings us to our next achievement--we finally have 2 teeth in that little mouth! Teething has not been a fun process but I think I have still had it easier than others. We have been truly blessed. He says 'baba'...whatever that means :). And he's gained almost 2.5 pounds in a month and a half! And moving on to the negatives--he can now open cupboards. Yikes!! We really need to get those locks installed. He especially loves his 'tupperware cupboard' and his 'book cupboard'--the only ones I don't get mad at him for opening. And he loves to be chased or to play peek-a-boo. It's always a sure way to get a good laugh out of him. He's such a fun kid and I couldn't be happier doing anything else right now than hanging out with Sawyer all day. Here are his 9 month stats--
Weight 20lb 15oz (58%)
Height 28 inches (42%)
Head 44.5 cm (27%)
One of his favorite places to wreak havoc, the kitchen....mmm that pear stem sure tastes good!
Who doesn't love a nice warm pile of clean laundry?
Brooke and her family came over for Sunday dinner the other night and Hannah and Sawyer had a fabulous time in the bathtub! This is the face I generally get from Sawyer when I pull out the camera (above)...Hannah doesn't look quite as amused :).
Sawyer's favorite bath time toy? A washcloth...why do we ever buy any toys?!
I forgot to post this picture with my Christmas post. This was our little 'fort' at the airport when we were delayed worked out pretty well as we had Sawyer blocked in from nearly every angle.
The lighting is horrible in this picture and it's blurry, but the point of it is to show you what happens as a result of Sawyer's frequent 'Kamakazi' style behavior (note the line across his right cheek above, and catch a glimpse of this behavioral style in the video below)

This video is a little old but I just found it on my computer. I figured it was worth posting for memory's sake. And no, it's not a Pterodactyl, it's just Sawyer making normal everyday sounds.


Rachel said...

Okay, such a cute post. & That last picture's expression is probably the funniest, sweetest little face I have ever seen!

Karen said...

Fun pictures! He is growing up fast! I still can't get over his blue blue eyes! And he really does sound like a Pterodactyl in that last video! ;) Love you guys!

Jerai Moulton said...

He is so handsome! And hilarious that he's already cheesy'n it up for the camera! Boyd doesn't even do that. Don't worry about the battle wounds. I don't think they'll let up for at least a good 3 years. Thanks for the post! I love seeing his face!

Jill said...

He is so darn cute! We have to get together so we can see how much he's grown

Meghan and Tyler said...

Loved the post, I always do! I can't believe how big Sawyer is getting. He isn't looking like a baby so much anymore, and has definitely outgrown kait! I am afraid he is going to beat us to the walking thing! Just another reason we need to get together sometime this winter. He can send baby signals to Kaitlin and teach her how to walk on her own (probably not, but it would be a fun reason to say that we needed to get together). By the way, I love the noises he is making in the last video. Hilarious!!!

Sabine Schindler said...

I love the pictures you posted!!
I miss my little Sawyer so much! He IS a little explorer and dare devil as well. At least you won't ever get bored. :o)
Love that last picture!!

Tracy and Odie said...

9 months??? seriously? that's so crazy. he just gets cuter with time. good job creating a kid that ages so beautifully :)