Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Times in Utah

Sawyer and I went up to Utah about a week and a half before the big event (Nate joined us a week later). That week and a half was pretty busy, to say the least. We basically spent the majority of the time running errands and getting all the last minute things together. But no matter what we were doing, it was so great to be all together with my family under one roof. And we did manage to squeeze in some fun things as well. I still have no idea where some of the pictures don't be surprised if I end up posting a few separate posts with random pictures from the trip.
This was actually the day after the wedding. We took the kiddos to the Scera pool in Orem and met up with Jerai, Boyd, Dennis & Marianne there. It was a perfect, relaxing day after the craziness!
The next couple are from Syd's little Bachelorette party a week before the wedding. We held it at PF Changs and it was super fun.

(The little party favors I made for the party. They had a couple pieces of See's Candy inside.)

Mom and the girls getting pedicures at Acaydia. (I totally recommend this place to anyone in's the Aesthetics school in the Well's Fargo Building...they were awesome!)
The day before the wedding we had a super casual lunch in a private room at the Pizza Factory with the Thelins. It was perfect for the little kids to run around in! I can't believe we never took a group picture!

Sawyer loved these breadsticks! Let's face it, we all LOVED the breadsticks!
I'm sorry that this is the best picture we got of the 4 kids...Boyd was not a happy camper. Frankly, none of them were at this's a miracle that the other 3 are looking and smiling!


Kristie said...

way to get on top of things jess--i really need to follow your example and put up a post. yikes.

Sabine Schindler said...

Great blog, Jess! I agree, I can't believe we never took a group shot or more shots at the Pizza Factory. It was so much fun and so relaxing besides running after our little ones, that we totally forgot.
The whole week we didn't take as many pictures, because we were too busy... still a lot of fun!
Thanks for posting those pics!