Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sledding in Switzerland

We had so much fun on our sledding trip last year that we decided to do it again!  Drove down Friday and attended sessions at the Bern, Switzerland temple (trading off with other couples for babysitting).  Slept in the temple housing.  Then Saturday morning we packed up and headed for the Alps.  We went to the same place, near Interlaken, that we went last year.  This time, Nate bought a beast of a sled to take with us--The SnowKing, to be exact.  He was pretty pumped about it. I have to admit, it made the sledding even more fun.  And I know he's already preparing to buy at least one more for next year.  Isla wasn't a huge fan of flying down that mountain strapped to my back, but the other two loved it.  Sawyer did wipe out pretty bad once, but recovered well and went back for more.  There was even a small play structure on the top of the mountain, so we took turns watching the little ones and letting the adults go down alone towards the end.  Overall, such a fun trip, and we continue to claim that Switzerland is the most beautiful place on earth.  

Nate got creative with his jet boil and fed all the kids a healthy dinner :)...(ps--letting it sit in boiling water does not work quite as well as microwaving--unless you like crunchy noodles) 

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