Sunday, July 5, 2015

England Day 4--Cambridge

We checked out of our London hotel on Friday morning, and headed straight for a Krispy Kremes.  (Are you sensing that we might be a bit homesick here? lol)  The saddest part is, this was not the first Krispy Kremes we found that week.  We bought at least one donut a day.  Basically whenever we saw them at a store.  And by 'we', I mean Nate and the kids.  Sawyer exclaimed at one point that Krispy Kremes were the BEST donuts ever--even better than the commissary ones.  Anyway, I'm glad we wasted an hour of our time in England at a donut shop (insert sarcasm here).  After our binging session was over, we headed north to the charming city of Cambridge.  I LOVED Cambridge.  It was beautiful and interesting and..well, charming.  I can't think of a better word.  We parked outside the city and took a double decker bus downtown--a highlight for the kiddos.  Our only goal here was to find the river Cam and go punting (what they call taking a little boat, or a punt, down the river).  There were several companies stationed along the river trying to sell their services, so the men were able to negotiate the best offer.  We lost Sawyer for about 3 minutes, found him (thank goodness), ate our picnic lunch, and climbed aboard.  I'm so glad we went Punting on the Cam.  Partly because I like saying that, but mostly because it was beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, and just so relaxing.  It was also entertaining to watch the tourists who had decided to steer their own punts.  Nate is determined that if we ever go back, he wants to steer himself.  He thinks he would be pretty good at it.  It was a fun day in Cambridge, and we headed back to the cars in the late afternoon to make the 2 hour drive to our next hotel.  

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Sabine Schindler said...

What a fun trip! Cambridge really is charming and romantic! I never went punting there, which would have made it so much better. I'm glad you take the time to really do the memorable things.
Again... Darling pictures, especially with Isla!! Love the candy store display. I bet the kids had fun with each other.