Sunday, July 5, 2015

England (Day 2 & 3)--London

We spent Wednesday and Thursday exploring London.  We stayed in a hotel just northwest of London and took the tube downtown both days.  I love the city of London.  Its just a fun place.  Of course with kids, a stroller, and getting on and off the tube all day--we were pretty tired.  I was glad we had friends with us, so it wasn't totally boring for the kids.  After sight-seeing all day on Wednesday, we made a beeline for the Five Guys in Piccadilly Square.  We haven't had Five Guys in 2 years and it was GOOD.  (Which reminds me, we made it a point to find a Papa John's the night before as well!!)  On the second day, we took the kids to the British Museum, which they thought was pretty cool because they had just seen the latest Night at the Museum movie which takes place there. We sort of let the kids lead us in that museum, and spent a considerable amount of time letting them flail their bodies all over the stairs.  Whatever floats their boat I guess.  That first London night, Nate and I took all the kids back to the hotel while Ryan and Tiffany went to see Wicked.  Let me tell you, getting two strollers up and down the stairs and onto the Tube during rush hour is no small feat for two adults.  We struggled, but we survived.  Then the next night, they took the kids home and we saw Wicked.  It has been a dream of mine to see Wicked for many years--and it was so fun being able to do that with Nathan in London!  It was a fantastic show, as I'm sure you all know.  

The Tower of London 

The London Bridge

Buckingham Palace

The British Museum

Fish n Chips

The London Eye

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Sabine Schindler said...

Those are awesome pictures (I have never seen!!) and such cute jackets ( yours and Violet's) What a fun trip for you all!! Glad you got to go see Wicked with Nathan!