Sunday, July 5, 2015

The New Year & a Visit from Omi

Our New Year got off to a great start.  New Years Eve itself was spent at our friends's house--the Barons.  They live up on top of a hill with an amazing view.  Several families came, and we miraculously got all the kids to go to sleep there.  Then the adults just played games and enjoyed a fun night.  At midnight there were, of course, a bajillion fireworks to admire.  Germany does it right on New Years Eve.  The whole sky lights up for miles and miles.  

Another exciting thing to happen that first week of January was my mom coming to visit on pretty short notice.  I kept it a surprise from the kids, and they were SO excited to see her show up at our doorstep.  We had some good snow before she arrived, and Nate had fun with the kids making snow forts and what not.  I'm so glad to have a husband who plays with our kids!  He is definitely the fun parent, and I'm ok with that :).  

We managed to find one last Christmas market that was open on January 6th, and drove down there for it's last night of the year.  It was so fun for my mom to be able to experience another Christmas Market after so many years of being gone.  One of the reasons mom came was to celebrate her sister, Kristel's, 70th birthday with her.  So my mom, Violet and I drove up to her house on a Saturday and spent the day there.  Sawyer and Isla stayed home with daddy, which make the day more enjoyable for me.  On another day we drove down to Buhl to spend time with her other 2 sisters and my cousins.  It was so nice to have my mom here for a week.  Though short, we lived it up and enjoyed every minute together!

Nathan has been busy teaching himself how to repair all apple products!  He has saved us quite a bit of money doing so.  It's great to have a techy on my side!

The room all ready for my mom.  We left the Christmas stuff up for another week or so, so she could enjoy it with us.

Violet started Primary and this was the best picture I got, sadly.  She is so well behaved in social settings, which I am very grateful for.  Her Primary President said she was a breath of fresh air.  Cute Boogie.
This was right after that awesome surprise!

My Tante Kristel was so awesome to pick her up from the airport and bring her to my house!
Creepy Violet?

Mom also celebrated a birthday while she was here.  

Later in the month I took the kids to the Science Museum in Pirmasens.  We always have fun there.

In February, Mandy and I threw another "Favorite Things" Party.  So much fun!  (besides the fact that Mandy got the stomach flu that night and ended up missing most of it :(  )

I picked up the tree branch while running and decided to hang it over my table as decor.  Nate thought I was crazy.  But I loved it and still have it up now.

And of course in February, Germany celebrates Fasching  (like Mardi Gras).  The kids and I went to the parade and collected lots of crappy candy and ate some chocolate pretzels.  It was a little cold this year, but still fun.

I just had to take a picture of this parade candy we got.  It's a butt with insult you could call someone in Germany.

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