Friday, July 31, 2015

Bath & Highclere Castle

On Saturday morning we woke up and celebrated Violet's 4th Birthday in our hotel room.  Thanks to the local grocery store, I was able to find this little fairy cake, which she loved!!  All she wanted that day was a cake and that pony balloon!  We went to visit the famous city of Bath, England.  The kids endured a chilly tour through the town and we were all relieved to get back in the warm car when it was over.  Beautiful place with some fun history.  

After visiting Bath, we checked the time and realized we had just enough time to make it to Highclere castle before it closed.  This is the castle where Downton Abbey (a favorite show of mine) is filmed.  The castle has been passed down generations and is still lived in.  The woman who owns it now allows them to use it for filming during certain times of the year.  They are only open to public tours during limited times, and this happened to be the one week in the spring when they were!  I just couldn't miss out on this opportunity!  And it was SO cool to drive up and see the castle in real life!  Gave me chills!  I absolutely loved walking through the interior.  So many of the rooms were just as they are in the show.  There was no indoor photography allowed, but of course my husband still snapped a few undercover shots (hence why I have a stupid look in most of them).  Seeing Downton Abbey was one of the highlights of my week, for sure.

On Sunday we woke up and packed the cars to make the drive back home. On our way to the Chunnel, we had just enough time to stop at Stonehenge, jump out, and snap a quick picture from afar.  It was a great end to a fun week exploring England.  I would love to go back sometime, as I feel we only scratched the surface, but it was memorable for sure.  

In the most recent Les Miserables movie, this was the location where the filmed the Captain jumping into the river to drown himself.  

Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle)

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