Sunday, July 5, 2015

Idar-Oberstein & Bosiland

We stuck around for President's Day weekend this year.  On Valentines Day we decided to check out the town of Idar-Oberstein--only about 45 minutes away.  We first visited a Gem Museum, where the kids got to go into a little cave and dig for pretty rocks.  That was super fun for them.  Then we hiked up a small hill to try and see the church in the mountain.  There is a church that is literally built into the side of a mountain.  Unfortunately, it was closed that day..but we got to see the outside which everyone thought was kinda cool.  On the way home we went to Thai Thai Two for dinner.  We love Thai food--but we decided it's best to take it home.  The restaurant experience is never very enjoyable with 3 little ones.  A couple days later we took a trip to Bosiland, an indoor playground not too far from us.  The kids had a blast there!  

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