Saturday, August 1, 2015

Holland: Cheese, Clogs, Roller Coasters

We stayed in a place called EuroCamp during our stay in Holland.  It was AMAZING.  We had no idea it would be so awesome.  We got an incredibly good deal on the 2 nights there.  The trailer we stayed in was brand new and had plenty of room for our family.  There was an amusement park and an indoor water park associated with the place, and entrance was included in everything!  Seriously one of the best weekend trips we have had, because the kids had fun things to do and nothing was expensive.  Sawyer rode his first upside down roller coaster and LOVED it!!  We got the BEST video footage of his face as we went down the vertical drop.  So after our day in Keukenhof on Friday, we woke up Saturday and made our way to the Cheese and Wooden Shoe factory.  It was really interesting to see how the shoes and cheese were made.  And the best part--cheese samples!!  Yum!  After a full morning of that, we went back to the camp and spent the rest of the day at the amusement and water parks.  Seriously a blast.  On Sunday we found a Dutch branch to attend, which is always a fun experience.  I just love that we can find the church wherever we go.  We were going to go see the windmills on our way home, but the weather was really crummy on Sunday and everyone was ready to go, so we didn't do that.  Maybe next time. We talked the whole way home about how we needed to do another EuroCamp vacation.  

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