Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Thanksgiving in Austria

For Thanksgiving this year, we tried to organize a big sledding experience for several families in our ward.  Unfortunately, there wasn't quite enough snow yet for them to open the big sledding runs that we were hoping for.  But we still managed to have some fun!  We even put Sawyer and Violet in a ski school for an hour (which ended up being a horrible waste of money--the instructors literally had them walking around in circles the entire time. Violet even asked if next time they could actually go down a little hill!)  We stayed with two other families in house, and there were 3 or so other houses filled with ward families in the area as well.  Overall a pretty fun time.  On our way back, we made a little detour in Vimbuch to visit the Christmas Market that my Tante Gabi helps with every other year.  To my surprise, all of my aunts were there when we came by!  It was great to see everyone!

I have to throw this last one in there.  I was on the committee to help with the Super Saturday shortly before Thanksgiving.  Poor Nathan had to cut over 400 blocks of wood for me.  He worked on it for like 6 hours straight the night before.  I felt so bad.  My dad welcomed him to the club ;).  

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