Wednesday, March 30, 2016

More sledding & a Mother/Son Dance (February)

Let it be known, that Nathan Larson lives and breaths sledding at this time in his life.  Honestly--I don't think he thinks about much else.  A few months ago he started planning a massive guys trip to go sledding on the longest sled run in the world in Gimmelwald, Switzerland.  He organized the lodging and itinerary for 40 people that weekend--and did a great job of it, might I add!  I think almost all of the men in our ward were there, plus a few sons.  It started off with a trip to the Bern temple, and then some night sledding.  Sadly, the lower portion of the run they were planning to do the next day was closed (the snow has been lame this year!), so they had to go to plan B.  Still got lots of sledding in, though.  Nathan used 'map my ride' and figured they traveled about 24 miles with a top speed of 25 mph.

Nate also had the opportunity to go into some of the classrooms at Ramstein Elementary and teach dental health (including Sawyer's!).  He loves to do this kind of stuff and feels like a rockstar when all the kids recognize him later on ;).  Sawyer's class was so cute and they wrote thank you cards on 'tooth' shaped papers, which Nate then hung over the main desk at the dental clinic.

And the other thing Nate does, besides sledding and fixing teeth, is he goes camping.  Though it is part of his calling and not always the most exciting thing for him, he loves it when he gets to take his kids along.  This particular campout was in our village, so he even let Violet come along this time.  I was worried about her, as it was still pretty cold out, but she did great and loved being a part of it!

And finally, I got to take Sawyer on a little date.  Their school did a Mother/Son dance as a fundraiser so we got dressed up and rocked out.  Well, mostly Sawyer rocked out with his friend, Austin.  I was totally happy watching this crazy man on the dance floor though!!  Such a hoot!

And some random pictures from the month of February...

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