Sunday, March 20, 2016

Joy School and Soccer

Last year, I did a preschool coop with some other moms for Violet.  This year, we continued the tradition with some of the same kids and a few new ones.  But this time we all got a subscription to Joy School online.  So we are meeting twice a week, and each of us teaches every 6 weeks.  It works out great and Violet really loves it.  Here are a few pictures from our first week of Joy school at our house.  We were missing a few kids that day, but we took a nice nature walk up our street and even had a little picnic.

Nathan volunteered to coach Sawyer's soccer team this season.  He did a great job with the kids but I think he was glad when it was over ;).  It was hard, too, because we missed the first few weeks while we were in the States.  I think it was good for Sawyer, though, to have dad as a coach. 

I LOVE this picture!!!  Two peas in a pod :).  

And here's another funny from Sawyer--

I'm super ghetto and didn't buy Sawyer's school photos, but took a picture of the proof instead :)

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