Sunday, March 20, 2016

Monkey Mountain and Colmar, France

For one of our long weekends in October, we decided to drive a couple of hours south into France to visit Monkey Mountain.  There were monkeys everywhere (a little disconcerting at times!).  The biggest challenge was to convince the kids that they really needed to be calm and careful about their movements while around the monkeys.  Yikes!  But it was a good experience and everyone had fun feeding them popcorn and watching them play. 

After finishing up there, we drove to a hotel outside of Colmar, France.  I had never been to Colmar but had heard great things about it, so I made my family come down and walk around the city with me for a couple of hours.  It is a beautiful place!

We kept seeing stork nests on the tippy tops of buildings!!  So cool!

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