Sunday, March 20, 2016

September Happenings

September was a beautiful month.  Great fall weather, lots of sunshine.    We went camping with the ward one weekend.  We also visited our favorite local pumpkin festival.  Their pumpkin soup is AMAZING.  And the kids love running around in the corn maze there.  Violet started playing soccer in the mornings (which she LOVED--until it got cold).  And Sawyer was getting the hang of first grade.  He missed the first 9 days of school because we were in the states.  I was so worried about this--but it ended up not being a problem at all.  His teacher this year, Ms. Schuh, was very understanding and helped him transition no problem.  For Sawyer's behavior consequence in school this year, he has to write a note home to his parents when he misbehaves.  Most of the time, these notes have me laughing so hard (but I try to hide that until Nate gets home and we can laugh privately).  He does lose privileges for it, but honestly, I can't help but imagine these scenarios and it's just too funny.  I try to take a picture of them when it happens, so I'll post them here and there.

We made it!!!!  Back and forth from the States by myself with these hooligans!  They did pretty well, though, and I don't have PTSD from the experience so that's good :)

Harvesting lavender from our yard

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