Wednesday, March 30, 2016


We had originally booked a place called Landhaus Schiedhof, in Austria, for the Thanksgiving break.  We learned shortly thereafter, that the sledding hills we had wanted to ride weren't going to be opened until later in December.  So we changed our booking to a week in January instead.  We went down with two other families and had a huge chalet all to ourselves.  It was really great.  Unfortunately, there still wasn't enough snow for them to open the super long sled run (much to Nathan's disappointment), but we were able to find some others that were lots of fun.  It was a great few days in Austria.  I think everyone had a blast.  

 We even managed to get the whole family on skis.  We found a bunny hill with a pulley system that was pretty cheap and just went up over and over again.  Well, Sawyer and Nate and I did.  Violet went down once (and did great!) but then decided she'd rather play in the snow with her friends.  Isla was just on skis for the picture, haha.  The rentals were free for the kids so we figured, why not!?

This next picture is just hilarious.  Don't know if you can see it very well, but Isla is not afraid to go outside in the cold with little clothing on.

Nate has had the opportunity to be on our local AFN (armed forces network) radio station several times now.  He usually goes on there to promote and advertise some dental campaign that is going on in the community, like Little Teeth Big Smiles (free exams for kids), and things like that.  He is really great at it, too.  A natural.

Nathan took Sawyer out of school one day and drove about 1.5 hours to an indoor ski facility in Metz, France.  The two of them had a great time together and Sawyer seemed to really be getting the hang of skiing.  Now Violet's been asking for her turn to go with daddy, so we'll have to make sure that happens soon.  Good thing they are open year-round!

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