Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Happenings

At the end of May, we wrapped up Joy School for the year.  One last day at Megans with a little graduation ceremony.  They were so cute!  We really had a great year together with this group.  And Isla always jumped in wherever she could.

Daddy had a laser treatment on some scarring that he'd gotten from an infection on his nose a while back.

A couple weeks later and he finally got his eye surgery that he's been trying to get for the past 3 years!  Here he is right afterwards, putting his glasses in the recycle box.  He's still recovering a bit but overall doing great!  We are so grateful for modern medicine--such a miracle!

Nice walk to the zip line with our friend Clara on a beautiful spring day...

Marathon Club...love the pictures of Violet with her friend Megan.  These two are ready for Kindergarten this year!

I'm proud of these kids for sticking it through with marathon club.  Aside from the first couple of weeks, they had little enthusiasm for it.  But they kept going and earned those t-shirts!

Violet had her Gymnastics Exhibition to wrap up the year--so fun watching her show us what she's learned!  Our cute little gymnast!

Sawyer had a little accident on the trampoline and knocked some teeth out and loose.  Daddy to the rescue!

Father & Son's campout (plus Violet ;) )...

I think this was 35 or 36 wks??

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