Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Isla's 3rd Birthday

Dear Isla, 

You are 3!!!!!!  I remember moving to Germany when you were 3.5 months old, and thinking about how you would be 3 when we left (even though we are now staying an extra year).  I couldn't even imagine you getting that big.  I still see you as my baby, no matter how old you are.  But you are starting to show me that you are, indeed, growing up!  

You are trying your hardest to keep up with your siblings.  Your energy and adventurous side have definitely been creeping out.  We potty trained you at about 2.5, and you did SOOO well!  I didn't even know it could be that easy.  One day and you were good to go.  Even at night time!  We still have our moments (especially lately--you'd rather play than take the time to go--so you get cold showers every now and then).  But overall you were awesome.  We have been seeing a feistier, more stubborn personality coming out in you lately (compared to the completely quiet, angel baby that you were).  Your vocabulary has gotten so much better over the last year.  At your second birthday we were worried about your speech, this time around we have no concerns whatsoever.  You give the cutest, most high-pitched prayers ever.  Usually ending with 'Jesus Loves Us'.  You are starting to form friendships with other kids, and you love going to nursery now.  Next year, we are planning to have you go to preschool twice a week at our friends, the Nelsons, house.  You are so excited for it!  And you mention doing ballet at least daily.  We have you signed up for your first tap/ballet class this summer, and we are having a hard time explaining to you that it hasn't started yet.  You are very much a girly girl.  You love Elsa, My Little Ponies, and all dress-up.

You are excited for your baby brother to arrive, but I am a little nervous about how you will handle it when he does.  You are definitely a mama's girl.  For a good while, we couldn't get you to let Daddy help you with anything!  It was getting really hard for me to leave you at all, without you falling apart while I was gone.  But just in the past couple weeks we have noticed a huge change.  Daddy was home for a while (due to his eye surgery), and able to spend some one on one time with you in a very relaxed home environment (not on vacation).  You really seemed to bond with him during this time.  I am so glad--because baby boy will be here any day.  Oh and you still love your mousy.  We've lost him a few times here and there, and you wind up sobbing and saying "I just love him so much".  Then when we find him, it's a joyous reunion.  Its pretty cute.  We are glad that you have stopped eating his face, though. No more slobbery mousy, just cuddly mousy.

Isla Bea, we love you so much.  You are the sweetest little girl and we love watching you learn and grow. I am excited to see you become a big sister in a couple of weeks.  Happy Birthday sweet Woogie!


STATS: Weight--28 lbs (22%)  Height--37.32 inches (58%)  BMI--14.13 (7%)

For your birthday this year, you chose a My Little Pony theme.  We had a fun family day.  Went to the zoo, ikea, got ice cream, and then had friends over for a bbq and cake.  You felt loved and spoiled!

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