Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Violet

Dearest Violet (aka Viley girl, Booginheimer, Boogie),

This year you turned FIVE!  While my heart is sad that you are growing up, my mind is actually in complete agreement with this new age for you.  You have matured a lot over the past year.  I am so excited for you to get to experience Kindergarten soon.  You can't wait and I just know you will love it.

You decided to give gymnastics a try this year, and you really enjoyed it--probably more than you liked dance.  We also gave soccer a try for a couple of months, and you totally impressed me with your athleticism.  When you put your mind to it, you are just awesome and can do hard things.  Sawyer wanted to be part of marathon club this spring, so we all signed up!  The first couple of weeks I was blown away with both of you--running 2-3 miles each time we went!  The excitement did seem to fade a bit in coming weeks, and I had to try and motivate you a little more.  But usually, as long as you had a friend to walk and run with, you were good to go.  Your preschool and church friend, Megan, was your favorite running buddy.  I loved to watch you two going along together, just the way I like to do with my friends.  

Violet, you are a little social butterfly, that's for sure.  I've found it increasingly difficult to keep you entertained (in ways other than screen time) these past few months.  Having a friend over, or arts and  crafts, seem to be the best for you.  You have an amazing imagination and I am always impressed with your creativity and artistic abilities.  You are usually the last one to be working on your preschool crafts because you put the most detail into them and want them to be perfect.  

This year we did a more 'organized' version of our preschool coop.  We got a subscription to Joy School, along with everyone else in our group.  Our group consisted of 6 kids (including you), so every week we would rotate houses.  Instead of just 1 day a week, we did 2 this time.  You have LOVED this experience.  And rather than focus on learning letters (like we did last year), Joy School focuses more on learning about life and values.  Having said that, I have been shocked recently to realize that you know your alphabet really well and I have every confidence that you will be reading before we know it.  You are a smart little girl!

When it comes to food, you are getting less picky again.  Still don't like tomatoes or bell peppers, but you are willing to try everything else for the most part.  Today you told me that your favorite food is lasagna.

Violet, you are a fun and loving sibling.  You are Sawyer do seem to fight more these days, but I think that is just the age.  You also play hard and love to do things together.  You are actually giving Sawyer a run for his money on the Wii lately!  With Isla, you love to be motherly towards her.  The days are quickly coming, that you can play barbies and imaginary things together.  I know she will miss having you around when you go to school in the fall.  You are also a very skilled bike rider now!  Last summer, you just decided to pick up a pedal bike and go for it.  I just wish we had some flatter roads around our house, cause you would be out there all the time!

And finally, I want you to know that Daddy and I are very proud of the kindness and compassion your have for others.  You are very observant of others, and very service minded--often the first one to get up and start clearing the table after a meal.  And always wanting to help mom with things around the house (except maybe cleaning the playroom ;) ).  Thank you for bringing these wonderful qualities to our family. We love you so much and couldn't imagine our family without you!


For Joy School Graduation this year, we parents were asked to write a little letter to each of our kids.  So Daddy wrote one for you, too!  I'm posting it below, because I thought it was so sweet...

Violet, Viley, Boogie, Booginheimer, Boogin Head, she is my little girl.  Of all my kids Violet is the one that likes to snuggle the most and I love to snuggle!  She will wake up and come and snuggle up with me and it makes me feel so special when she does that.  One of my favorite stories about her is when one day we were driving in the car on the way home from church and Sawyer was talking about what he wanted to do for a job in the future.  Violet then suggested "what about being a pirate" I personally thought that was an amazing idea.  She has said some innocent and very funny things in her life.  We had gotten a new Nintendo game Mario Bros for Christmas two years ago and Sawyer got to the end and had trouble beating the boss names bowser but violet and sawyer called him king koopa.  So sawyer asked me to help beat king koopa.  And I had a little trouble beating the boss and so sawyer and violet started praying that I would beat king koopa.  Well this was when violet first started to learn how to pray so she would start her prayers dear Heavenly father we thank thee for this day, please bless daddy that he can beat king koopa, and she would continue on with her prayer.  This continued for about 6 months, well after we had beat the game.
My favorite thing to do with her is to just smile at her because she will just smile right back at you whenever and where ever you are.  Her cute little smile always makes me happy.  I like how adventurous she is too.  She has gone camping with me a few times, she has even gone winter camping with me.  You would think a 4 year old would complain about the cold in winter camping but she did awesome.  She always does awesome when she goes with me.  I think she does even better than some of the deacons!
Violet She is very service minded, she is my number 1 helper in the family.  She is always first to clear the table and was the first child to do the dishes all on her own without help from mom or dad.  We had company over one time and she cleared the table and did the dishes all on her own without being told what to do.  I was so proud of her.
One of the most fun things to do is to listen to her play.  She has a very active imagination.  I love to just sit in a room where she is and listen to her make up places and stories that add to her imaginary world.  It makes me happy to listen to her and play along in my mind as she paints an imaginary world.
I just love her so much and I am so grateful she is in my life and she adds so much joy and personality to our little family.  I am excited for her future and what she will do next.

Love, Daddy

Weight: 42.22 (66%)
Height: 41.93 (41%)
BMI: 16.88 (86%)

For your birthday this year, we were traveling for spring break (as usual).  We got to the Eurocamp on Sunday evening, and on Monday was your birthday.  So that day you woke up to presents and cupcakes in our little trailer that we rented.  The best part is that we were there with two families from home.  We totally brought the party with us!  That day we spent the time doing all the fun activities that we could do at Eurocamp--go carts, trampolines, paddle boats, and the indoor pool.  Lots of fun!  Then you and your friends watched Maleficent (which was also the bday 'theme' you requested).  And lucky you--your birthday extended into the next few days as we continued to celebrate at Disneyland Paris!  So much fun!

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