Monday, May 30, 2016

Disneyland Paris

When we first came to Germany, we didn't think we would make Disneyland Paris a priority while we were here.  But honestly, after all of the traveling and 'historical' things we do here, we really needed something that was just fun--for the whole family.  And Disneyland never disappoints!  The park itself was a little smaller than the CA one, but still fun.  Sawyer was finally old enough to ride things on his own.  He pretty much wanted to ride Space Mountain with dad over and over again.  I somehow always manage to go to Disneyland when I'm 30 something weeks pregnant.  But Isla and I just hung out and did other things when we couldn't ride.  And we totally lucked out on the weather.  The forecast had it raining all week long, but there was actually very little rain, thank goodness.  Overall a fun trip with fun friends.

Entranced by the Jedi Training show, while Isla took a nap in the stroller...

Nathan got a Vader burger, and Sawyer got a Jedi one--they thought it was pretty cool

Isla was SO excited to meet Minnie.  We stood in line for like 30 min (or more!).  But it was worth it to see her so happy :).

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