Monday, May 30, 2016

Andrea & Paul's Visit

Andrea and Paul decided to come visit us, kind of last minute, during the last week in April.  We were so excited to have them!  We sent them off on a couple of trips by themselves (to Strasbourg, Colmar, Riquewihr, Trier).  But we took a few days to go on a couples trip together with them.  Lots of great memories made!  We started off the trip with a stop in Heidelberg, then continued driving to one of our favorite places--Rothenburg.  The weather was seriously crazy that whole week--super cold.  We even woke up to snow in Rothenburg the next morning!!!  Nuts!  But we made the most of it and were grateful we brought some thick scarves along.  We left Rothenburg that next morning around 11, and arrived in Prague around 4 in the afternoon.  Having gotten there much later than anticipated, we made a plan to see Prague as quickly and efficiently as possible.  And what better way than a Segway Tour?!  It was the best decision we ever made.  In about 2 hours, we had seen almost all of the main attractions.  And we got to the top of the hill overlooking the city at the perfect time, just as the sun was about to set.  Of course, riding the seaways was super fun too.  The next morning we walked back downtown quickly to get a glimpse of the Jewish Quarter there.  Then checked out of our hotel and drove the short distance to Terezin.  Terezin was a prison, used during the war as more of a political prison.  It was kind of a detainment center before shipping Jews off to concentration camps.  We learned a lot of interesting things and definitely felt a lot sadness while walking those grounds.  A good experience, though.  We then made the long trek home to relieve our babysitter.  Kids did just fine without us, and the babysitter took some pictures of them making 'baby burritos' with their blankets.

A couple days later we did a trip with the kids, to one of our favorite castles--Burg Eltz.  We also visited the town of Cochem on the Mosel River.  And then on their last day with us, Nathan took them to Luxembourg where they visited the underground tunnels and explored the city.  It was a quick trip but a lot of fun!  We loved having them and will always remember the time we spent together!

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