Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Thelins Come for a Visit

Alright it's time to finally catch up on things here.  We've been keeping pretty busy and it's only gonna get more busy over the next few months!  After our Disneyland trip at the end of February we had a fun little visit from the Thelins.  They stayed downtown at the Arizona Grand Resort and we even went down there and shared a room with Andrea & Paul one night for a little stay-cation.  We had a lot of fun while they were here...went to a lake east of Phoenix for a picnic BBQ, visited a chocolate factory, went swimming and to the water park at the resort, took the kids to the train park, and then went swimming at Kristie's pool on our last day.  We always have such a great time when they come down to Arizona!

Uncle Paul taught the kids how to fish while we were at the lake...Sawyer was loving it

Kristie and her kids joined us at the Train Park in Scottsdale

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Sabine Schindler said...

FUN pictures!! Especially seeing them for time! Sawyer and the fishing pole! Love it! You all look like you had a great time! It's so nice, when family visits! I miss those Thelins too!!