Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Well since Easter was right around Violet's Birthday (and Sawyer's, too) I decided that whatever happened I HAD to take some nice pictures of the kids to document their 1 and 3 yr old ages.  :)  Now that Violet is moving around so quickly (and so often!) it's almost impossible to get her to sit still for a picture.  This is what we ended up with...not bad, eh?!  

We had several Easter Egg Hunts to attend this year.  It started on Thursday with our Playgroup's Easter Egg Hunt at a friends house.  Here are my kiddos on their way out the door...

Violet was very interested in the rocks, not so much the eggs.  Sawyer didn't even bother to look for anything because he was completely consumed with the automatic Lightning McQueen car that their little boy had--he insisted on driving that thing around the yard the entire time!
I was in charge of the craft at playgroup so we made these little Bunny Puppets.
This was at our next Egg Hunt.  The ward had an Easter Pancake Breakfast on Saturday morning.  Sawyer came away with a few more eggs this time around.
And this was at the Midwestern University Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Now this is where the competitive side finally came out in Sawyer!  Last year I felt bad that he only managed to pick up a couple eggs before they were all gone.  This year he was the oldest in his age bracket and he definitely cleaned house!  Our favorite Easter activity, by far.  :)
We even got a picture with the Easter Bunny himself! 
On Easter Sunday we went over to Brooke's house for dinner and we combined it with a little Birthday celebration for Violet...more on that to come.

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Sabine Schindler said...

That's awesome, that you had so many egg hunt opportunities!! I'm glad Sawyer got into the spirit of egg hunting!! :o) Cute pictures of both of them... and the Easter Bunny! Wow!