Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ready to Pop!!

I had the opportunity to throw Jen another baby shower last night! That's right...Baby Simpson #2 is about ready to make her arrival! This time, I got to collaborate with 2 of Jen's sister-in-laws and another friend. It was so nice not to have to worry about ALL the details. I was in charge of the decoration, Missy did the invites, and Sadie & Melissa did the food. It all came together so well and we had a great turn out! Our theme was 'Jen's Ready to Pop'. I'm sure you've seen this idea before...but I had such a fun time putting my own little spin on it.

I took some pictures before the food got there...sad thing is the lighting was a lot better in the before pictures, but they still turned out ok!

A full view of the table right before we got started...and then another one before the food arrived

Jen scored some great gifts that night!
This was the funniest one...haha
Love you Jen! So excited for the arrival of your little girl! Thanks for letting me be a part of this!

(Oh and a special thanks to Nathan for being the best dad ever and taking Sawyer out for 3 hours last night so I could host in peace...they went to Peter Piper Pizza then he took him to see Cars 2! Sawyer had such a fun night with his daddy!)


Sabine Schindler said...

What a great Baby shower, Jess!!! Everything turned out sooo cute! LOVE The food signs, popcorn cones, jars, tissue balls, all the food!! Everything! And you even used the ranunculus flowers!! :o) I'm glad you had such a great turnout too! Congrats to Jen and her family!!

Rachel said...

You did a great job last night! I loved how you tied the theme into everything. :)

Ashley said...

Jessica.....That looks amazing. I LOVE what you did. Everything is beatiful with such attention to detail. I love the colors and food and have a gift. Seriously. Great job!

Natalie Moon said...

Love your spin! Wish we were in the same area- you put so much energy and creativity into life's little moments!

jon♥kara said...

You should seriously be a party planner, you are awesome! We had so much seeing you guys last week. Love checking out your blog.