Monday, September 26, 2011

Potty Training & Such

Well it's pretty obvious from the title and this picture what I'm about to tell you all. We are now the proud owners of a potty-trained 2 1/2 yr old little boy! I'd been going back and forth about potty-training Sawyer for a few months now. I obviously realized that it was unrealistic with a newborn in the house. But as Violet started getting easier and nursing became a little less frequent and we finished up with the last of our summer vacations, I got serious about it. Frankly, I was just done having 2 in diapers. And Sawyer had been spending a lot of time with cousins his age who were potty-trained so he was definitely 'interested'. I knew there were definite advantages to waiting until he was older and more 'ready'...but I decided I would just try it out and not be too psycho about it and if it didn't work, then oh well...I could try again in six months or so. I went out and bought the undies and made a potty-chart with Sawyer. Then as I was debating which day to start, Sawyer took off his diaper with stinkies in it and ran around the house! That was the last straw for me! And so began our first experience with potty-training. So I sort of followed the '3 day method', and then I sort of went with my own instincts. It worked out pretty well for us! We put him in pull-ups the first 3 or 4 nights just because we were scared and hadn't bought vinyl sheets yet. But I realized each morning that his pull-ups were dry and decided to go for it with night time training too. And so we did! And 3 weeks later he hasn't wet the bed once! He still has accidents during the day here and there (mostly because he doesn't want to take the time to go)...but overall I'm very happy with everything and so proud of my little guy! He's really growing up!
Cheering for his pee pee on the potty! So proud of us big boy undies...
Caught in the act! Eating sprinkles!
One of our 'stuck at home potty training activities'...homemade play dough (no I did not put sprinkles in my play dough. they were in the bag along with the cookie cutters we were using)
I don't even remember why he had blue all over his face that day. An otter pop maybe?
And this little girl wanted to get in on the naked action that week too! She was such a trooper...I had to leave her crying on the floor several times in order to avoid a potty disaster.
Side note: Violet cut her first tooth yesterday at only 5 1/2 months old!
Sawyer loves to cook and bake with me. Also I can't for the life of me keep him from getting up on all the counter tops. That kid is seriously such a monkey! Here he is 'cooking' his fruit snacks. Good thing he hasn't figured out how to turn it on...


Kristie said...

yay sawyer! your potty training chart is a lot cuter than mine...big suprise there. ;) also your blog is putting me to shame--i really need to update! and homemade play dough???? fun!

Sabine Schindler said...

Those are the cutest snapshots of the kids. Love Sawyers faces, especially the one "caught in the act" one. And Violet is getting cuter all the time with her own little personality. Great job, Sawyer on mastering the potty business!!

Jerai Moulton said...

I love the pictures! And I couldn't help but notice how cute you made Sawyer's potty chart! I'm pretty sure I took a white piece of paper and just let Boyd put stickers on it when he went potty!! It doesn't surprise me that you made Sawyer's all fancy and cute!! I love it!! HAHAH! I just ready Kristie's post...that's funny we both mentioned it! I'm so glad that potty training went so well!! Especially with the demands of two kids! You're amazing!