Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pink Slippers

So my latest obsession--Pinterest. For those of you not in the 'know' need to get on that. But beware, it WILL suck your life away. It basically allows you to organize all of your favorite things that you've found online in one place. And it also allows you to see all of the fun things everyone you know is finding online. That's where you really get in trouble. There are so many INCREDIBLE ideas out there! I could seriously sit and look at Pinterest for hours without getting bored...and then I'll have about a thousand projects that I want (NEED) to do as soon as possible. Haha. But seriously, they've got some great stuff out there. You should check it out. If you need an invite let me know. :) So here is my first 'pinterest' project. Little baby slippers. I just had to take some pictures of little V wearing these after church today. And you can bet I will be making more of these in many colors!

Here's the little beauty herself this girl!

I had to put this one on there because it is the face she makes every time she catches someone smiling at her. She seriously cannot contain her joy and just rips her mouth open as wide as it will go!
I love my little chubby girl


Nathan & Jennifer Lundstrom said...

Hey Jess, she is so stinkin cute! I hope you guys are well. I'm just getting into pinterest, and I love it! Way too many things I want to try..

Kristie said...

i wanna start having a craft night once every couple weeks :)

Sabine Schindler said...

Seriously!! she is sooo cute and cuddly and really always smiles with her mouth ripped open wide!! I miss her so much! And yes, I do love the pink slippers on her cute little feet!