Thursday, August 18, 2011

V is already 4 months?!?

Well the title of this post pretty much says it all. I can't believe how fast my life is flying by me right now. My little baby is already 4 months old, rolling over, eating oat cereal...sheesh. Is it true that time goes faster with each child? Well I hope it slows down a little cause I want to cuddle her as long as possible! I just love every little roll (and there are lots!) on this chick! She has been such a wonderful baby. I really can't complain about anything (except for maybe the fact that she is the snortiest thing I've ever heard--as Nate so lovingly described it's like waking up to a warthog next to you!). And just in case you are wondering...she is NOT sleeping with us...don't worry. I just pull her into my bed after her 5 am feeding every now and then and often forget to put her back ;). We all love Violet like crazy. She even puts up with her big brother and for some reason thinks he's pretty dang funny, too! Here are little miss v's stats for her 4 month well-check:
weight--14.3 lbs (64%) height--24 in (40%) head--41 cm (52%)

A pretty average little girl all around. Sawyer came with me to her well-check and I was shocked to see how much better he did than the last time I tried taking him at her 2 week. I guess my little boy is growing up too :). He made sure she knew that she had gotten 'owies' and was obsessed with her bugs bunny bandaids. He was very interested in watching the doctor look over Violet, and was happy to take the lollipop in her behalf! Sadly, I don't have any decent pictures of Violet since we got back from the Ranch, and my camera battery was dead today when I decided I needed to post this blog so I snapped a couple with our Kodak Play Sport...not the greatest quality but it'll do. We are headed to Utah for another fun week with my family this time! I'm sure I'll have LOTS of pictures when I get back :).

Sawyer is quite the little monkey. You will most often find him on top of a counter somewhere or doing some acrobatics between the couch and the coffee table!
And yes, this boy LOVES cheese...
We've also been spending a lot of time in you can see it's not going so well :) He thinks it's more of a jungle gym than a potty place. But I'm just getting him used to the idea...and we have had several successful moments so far!
Couldn't decide which picture of Sawyer racing his cars in the bathroom to post...I picked this one because I just love those lips that he makes as he says 'Vroooom'...such a cutie!
And here's a little video to show some sibling love. Sawyer really just LOVES this girl. He no longer calls her 'Vat' (although unfortunately the nick name has stuck)...but now refers to her as 'Videt'. He is very concerned when she's crying or spitting up...always tells me to go get the 'bitups wag'. And if she laughs or smiles at him he is simply overjoyed. As long as we can keep him from killing her with his intensity I think these 2 are going to grow up to be great friends!


Kristie said...

great pictures!! why are your kids so cute? Oh, maybe because you are cute, and you grew them. i'm excited for this week.

Sabine Schindler said...

Soooo cute!!! I can't believe Violet is already so big, sitting in the bumbo, or whatever you call that thing, and laughing so cutely!! The time really does go by way too fast!
I love how Sawyer loves his little sister and interacts with her! Looks like he has a fan too! :o) Can't wait to see you all and spend a whole week together!! Yeah!!!!

Jerai Moulton said...

Love the post! I can't believe that Violet is 4 months old either!! It's so lame that she's so old and I've never even seen her! And that's one of the MANY reasons I'm so excited to come down to AZ next month!! =) I love the video at the end too! What video of a baby isn't complete without a little spit up. And I love that Sawyer can make her laugh! Precious!

Me and Jedd! said...

oh jess you give me so much to look forward to! and i had to laugh when I read about Sawer. He sounds like a handful but a lot of fun. his cheese picture really made me laugh ;)

Marianne Thelin said...

Your little Violet is adorable! Have so much fun with your family, I keep thinking we gotta figure out a Schindler/Thelin reunion sometime before your kids get married!:) I am happy Jerai will get to go visit with you guys soon! :)