Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wild West Festival

We had a groupon to go to the Wild West Festival in Glendale the other weekend so we packed up the kids and headed over there. What we hadn't planned on when we bought the groupon was that it would be 98 DEGREES outside still! Ya...not super fun. Sawyer's favorite part was getting to ride on the choo choo train. We could have done that in the mall in the air conditioning! Oh was nice to get out and hang out with some friends.

Playing tag :)
It was too I got Talmage to chase him around for a bit


Sabine Schindler said...

How fun!! I would have loved to come, even in the heat! Going with Sawyer on any choo-choo train is awesome!! He loves it so much and makes the cutest mouth imitating the train!! :o)
Love all the pictures! Glad you went!

Kristie said...

sawwy we couldn't go with you guys!!! i'm glad you had fun even in the stinking heat. looked like it was pretty awesome :)